Why We Don’t Eat Or Recommend Pork Or Shellfish

Many of you may know that we do not eat or recommend pork. First of all, we want to be clear that we do not feel bound or constrained in some way that we cannot eat pork. However, the first reason is definitely the best and surest reason: God in the Bible specifically instructed his people not to eat pork. Being Christians, we know that we are not made right with God by keeping the law, but through faith in Christ. Faith does not nullify the law–and the commandment is still good. So while we are free to eat what we wish, we choose for wisdom sake to not eat pork (or shellfish for that matter).

The additional reasons are also strong. Pigs are scavengers and will eat their own feces, and even dead carcasses. While it is also true that chickens and goats may also search through feces or eat unnatural items, the big difference is in the digestive processes of the animals. The chicken and goat both have a process that clean their food digestively, while the pig does not. The pig has a singular stomach much like humans and carries it viruses and worms without filtering them out. The pig, like humans, stores its toxins in its own fatty tissues. When consuming pork, this additional toxic load is transferred to you, the consumer.

Despite what all of these animals may eat, we definitely think they should be out on pasture in free range settings, eating grass and insects, and not in crowded pens or factory farms feeding on grains. So if one were to consume pork, there is still a difference in quality from pastured pork to feedlot pork.

A big concern with pork is that pigs frequently carry worms and can transfer an infection to humans called trichinellosis or trichinosis. The reason the CDC recommends freezing pork prior to cooking is precisely to kill off any worms. Um, yeah, I am gonna go with no on that one, and just avoid the pork all together. Pigs are carriers of multiple parasites, toxins, worms (Taenia solium tapeworm), and viruses (HEV, Menangle, Nipah). These can all lead to painful and debilitating conditions.

The reasons that we do not eat or recommend shellfish are very similar. Shellfish are bottom feeders and feed on parasites and dead skin, many times from dead animals. They do not have appropriate digestive and filter systems to purify toxins and parasites from their body and flesh. Most shrimp, for example, come from places where there are little to no restrictions on contaminants such as PCB’s and dioxins. Shellfish also are among the most well known allergens and one can react at any time, even after having consumed shellfish for years (most likely due to constantly being exposed to different toxins in the shellfish).

We hope that gives you some understanding to why we do not eat or recommend pork or shellfish, nor do we really even consider them food. As with all food that we do eat and recommend, we always promote getting the highest quality that you are able and eat nutrient dense and clean food. Enjoy your food, but always remember: eat to live, and not the other way around!

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  1. Hi Makeyba,
    When it comes to birds, we do not recommend (in accordance with Leviticus 11) birds of prey (no carrion birds that are predators or eat dead animals)–examples would be vultures, falcons, owls, eagles, etc. On the other hand we do recommend birds that are not predators such as chicken, duck, turkey, pheasants, quail, etc.

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