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LFA’s whiteboard workout of the day. Boom.

5 min warmup

1 min push-up hold arms @ 90 degrees
50 push-up shoulder touches
5 handstand pushups
10 slow resistance band chest presses
Repeat 2 times

30 sec L sit hold
10 ply pushups
10 slow resistance band Tricep Pushdowns
10 dumbbell lateral raises (light and slow)
10 ‘. ‘. Frontal raises (‘. ‘)
Repeat 2 times


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Life Fitness Academy regularly posts whiteboard workouts from the gym. Check back here to get your workout in for the day!

5 min warmup
20 alternating side lunges
20 pistol squats (ea leg)
20 single leg dead lifts (ea leg)
10 front squats (70% of body weight)
Repeat 3 times

20 single leg hip raise (ea leg)
20 plank hold donkey kicks combo (ea leg)
20 super mans
20 super man leg swimmers
Repeat 3 times



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LFA’s whiteboard workout of the day. Boomshakalaka.

4 min jump rope
4 min wall sit
4 min towel pull
4 min plank

25 bosu squats
25 bosu lunges
1 min bosu jumps
Repeat 4 times

20 bosu crunches
20 single leg bosu hip raises
20 bosu side crunches
Repeat 4 times

January Nutrition Challenge

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In the spirit of the season of resolutions, naturally, we have a nutrition challenge for you! As you know, we at LFA stress the importance of nutrient density in your diet. So instead of a diet where you feel hungry all month, we are proposing a “Nutrient Binge.” You will strive to put as many GOOD things in your body as possible. Let’s set the goals to be (at least): 8 servings of vegetables, 6 servings of fruit and 3 types of probiotics EVERY day. Feel free to include pastured and organic meats if you have room. Don’t forget about your good fats like coconut oil and avocado. You will most likely need to have smoothies or juices to meet your requirements.

For example, you could have a smoothie for breakfast of: 1 banana, 1 cup berries, spinach, kale and raw milk (or coconut or almond milk or water) and that would get you 3 servings of fruits and 1 or 2 of veggies just at breakfast. Keeping with the theme of nutrient binging, you could add chia seeds to your smoothie, which pack an extra punch of energy. By using raw milk you are also getting probiotics. You might want to consider adding keifer (cultured milk) to your smoothie as a source of probiotics if you are using coconut or almond milk. Then for lunch you could have soup with several types of veggies to up your number. Drink a kombucha with your soup to get another source of probiotics. Snack on fruit in the afternoon like grapes and strawberries, or a pear with almond butter. For dinner you could try roasted veggie tacos. Roast several vegetables in coconut oil like brussels sprouts (cut in quarters), carrots (cut in strips), cauliflower (cut small florets) and sweet potatoes (cut in small chunks). Place a scoop of the mixed veggies in a sprouted corn tortilla then add farmer Todd’s fermented bean paste or naturally fermented sauerkraut, avocado and salsa (for more probiotics!), or whatever floats your boat. Sauté apples in a skillet with coconut oil, honey and cinnamon for a sweet treat and one more serving of fruit, add walnuts for crunch. Salads are an obvious choice for getting a variety of veggies and you could add chicken or fruit or both to keep it interesting.

It may take some planning, but you will be giving your body tons of nutrients consistently so you will feel great. You should actually be eating quite a lot so you shouldn’t feel hungry. You are simply switching your Christmas cookies for fruits. There is a lot of freedom and choice in this challenge, so get creative and tell us what you come up with! The only other rule is no refined flour or refined sugar in any of your dishes. You should also avoid canola, vegetable and soybean oil. You should not be bored of your food during this challenge, try new things and don’t eat the same things every day. Variety is the spice of life!

If you want to include fresh juice into your day to meet the goals, there are several options around town. Both Turnip Truck’s have juice bars; Whole Foods has one as well. The Juice Bar in Brentwood is awesome, along with Urban Juicer on 8th avenue. Juice Nashville in the Gulch is another great option and they will even deliver your juice.

Contact us or ask your trainer or class instructor if you need more details. Keep a food journal to track your nutrients. Binge on nutrients in 2014! Give your body what it needs to do its job. Thank us later.

Challenge Summary:
– 8 servings of veggies
– 6 servings of fruit
– 3 different types of probiotic foods


Veggies 1 Serving equals:
1/2 cup small chopped veggies (cucumbers, squash, peppers, crucifers, etc)
1 cup leafy greens

Fruit 1 Serving equals:
1/2 cup berries, grapes, or small chopped fruit
1 orange
1 banana
1 apple
1 pear, etc

Probiotics (3 different foods or types):
– Lacto-fermented veggies
– Lacto-fermented condiments (Todd’s condiments such as ketchup, mustard, salsa, guacamole)
– Fermented beverages
—- Keifer
—- Kombucha
—- SueroViv
—- Kvass
—- Kevitra
—- Amasai
– Probiotic supplement (only counts as 1 type for the day)
– Raw yogurt

Curvy Yoga

curvy yoga in Nashville

Curvy yoga is an accessible yoga class for women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. Poses are often offered with modifications with YOUR body in mind. Curvy yoga offers a comfortable space to build strength, increase your flexibility, and maybe even rest a little (savasana, anyone?).

Currently, we have a class at 11:00am on Saturdays and will potentially be adding new class times soon. Contact us with any questions.


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Happy New Year! A workout to start the year. Life Fitness Academy regularly posts whiteboard workouts from the gym. Check in here to get your workout in for the day.

5 min warmup – jumping jacks, elliptical, rowing, or other.

1 min wall sit
1 min plank
1 min towel pull

5×5 chin-ups
3×10 pistol squats

10 dead lifts
10 lunges
10 upright rows
10 box jumps
Repeat 3 times


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We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. Now it’s time to get back to working out!

5 min warm up

10 bench dips
30 sec towel push down
30 sec Russian twist
Repeat 3 times

15 decline pushups
20 cherry pickers
20 plank reaches
Repeat 3 times

10 Box jump Burpees
30 sec jump rope
30 sec kettle bell swings
10 min as many reps as possible


Cheers, from the best personal training and fitness classes in Nashville!