Vitamin D And The Health Of Blood Vessels

Now we are just piling on! Vitamin D is important in numerous body processes and recent research from the Emory/Geaorgia Tech Predictive Health Institute has found that lower amounts of vitamin D, even in healthy individuals, is linked with stiffer arteries and inability for blood vessels to relax.

The study just adds to the growing evidence of vitamin D’s critical role in body processes including blood pressure and vascular health. Encouragingly, participants in the study who increased their vitamin D levels saw improvement in both blood pressure and vascular health.

The best way to get vitamin D is from ample sun exposure. The body is able to automatically control how much is received so as not to overdose with vitamin D toxicity. Many fortified foods contain added vitamin D (vitamin D2–added in most milk and dairy) which is not recommended for individuals as it is not metabolized nearly as well as vitamin D3.

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Why We Do What We Do

I love to tell people that my job is to maximize their whole health, with weight loss being one of the primary benefits. I know that sounds kind of cheesy, but I assure you, if you can follow some basic guidelines and do your research, then you will have success. For some it comes faster than it does for others, but either way you are doing more for your body than over half the population.

We do things raw, organic, and living, because our bodies are made for that–not the sterile, white, and lifeless food we have come to know. These raw, organic, whole foods are loaded with health benefits. A few of the key ones that I have experienced are these: way more energy, less sickness (once or less a year), no joint pain, faster healing time, and the ability to mold and shape my body the way I want to. Other benefits I see in my clients are: medication reduction or discontinuation, significant weight loss, less joint pain, increased strength and flexibility, not to mention–happiness. But the last one could be because they get to see me everyday… 🙂

Teaching someone how to do health and fitness is our goal and my passion, as a matter of fact, I have a hard time turning “it” off. I love talking about how good kombucha is for you, or how you can beat a cold when it isn’t even here yet. I get a kick out of showing people that have spent a lifetime doing things the conventional way in the sports nutrition field and totally change their bodies with raw foods. Watching them beat their perceptions is amazing, especially after they have been told no, or that they can’t.

A lot of what we teach is common sense when it comes to food–not the hype like TV, Jillian Michaels, or People Magazine throw at you that doesn’t stack up or is too much work. Is learning this work? You betcha! As you become more acclimated to it the process becomes far less time consuming and way more fun.

Everything worth doing takes work, if it is easy, stay away from it.

We do this because we love people, we love our clients and want them to feel as good as we do and share it with their friends and family. Change your family tree, do something that will give you and your family abundant life. Ask us and we will help you, no matter what the budget or the location. I offer email, phone, and personal support through any means possible.
Nashville Personal Trainer

Let’s Go Exercise

Exercise isn’t just for the young, exercise isn’t just for those trying to lose weight, and exercise certainly isn’t just for those who compete in athletics. Exercise is important for everyone as it provides synergistic benefits to the body.

Exercise helps you think. It has been shown to help mental sharpness and acuity, as well as memory recall. Exercise improves circulation, moving and forcing blood so that life is spread throughout the body.

Exercise improves strength which thereby makes the things you do even more doable. It makes the everday functions that you take on more efficient and easier to accomplish. Exercise helps to make strong bones and to keep more marrow from turning into fat.

Now I must go, it is time to go exercise.

Exercise Without Moving A Muscle

We have some highlights for you today from “How To Exercise Without Moving A Muscle -Isometrics For Everyone” by Victor Obeck.

“The word isometric comes from the Greek iso, meaning ‘the same’, and metric, meaning ‘length’. Isometric contraction refers, therefore, to the tightening of a muscle without changing its length.”

“There are some people in the field of physical education who will tell you that if you get enough isotonic exercises, you do not need isometrics. I disagree–and for very good reasons. For one thing, isometrics exercise muscle fibres that would otherwise remain idle. For another, they tone up muscles far more efficiently than do isotonics–they do a better job in less time. And lastly, how many people do you know who have the time to devote to a complete regimen of vigorous exercise? You can run through the whole set of isometric exercises in 90 seconds a day–in your spare time. But a full set of the necessary isotonic exercises may take up to ten times as long–and usually you can’t be doing something else at the same time.”

Online viewable book available at>Classics


1 Pound of Fat Vs. 1 Pound of Muscle

If your goal is to lose weight I think it is good to see what the difference is between muscle and fat. In the picture below you can see that 1 pound of body fat is much more bulky and gross than 1 pound of muscle. Losing this body fat will help prevent more fat in the future–and by converting some of the body fat to muscle you will burn fat just by resting.

Consuming good fats like those found in fish oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and olive oil is good for you and your body needs healthy fats. Eating healthy fats is a way to ensure that not only are they easily digested, assimilated, and properly used, but it also helps the assimilation and absorption of nutrients, especially as many vitamins are fat soluble (vitamins A, D, E, K). These good fats will also help to usher out or replace bad fats that you have consumed and those which are stored in certain areas of your body.

As you burn and get rid of this stored fat you will start feeling better and you will also remove a lot of toxins which will ensure that you are less sick. In this process you will notice that your muscles are sore but that the soreness comes and goes–and before too long you will be pain free.

With this new found strength and lack of fat you will be slimmer with more energy plus you will look and feel so much better. When you start to see these results your state of mind changes and you will notice that it is easier to continue in your goals for whole health.

It all starts with the decision to become healthier–with the proper motivation you will achieve your goals with little chance of returning to the same weight–if you educate yourself in the process that it takes a lifestyle. Contact us to help you in developing a plan!