Abdominal Domination

Here is a workout to get those flabby abs dominated into a washboard for your clothes. If you try the workout in the video, let us know what you think!

Cornucopia of Quinoa Cooking Class

Yes, yes, we will be having an abundance of quinoa at our next cooking series class on August 16, 2012. If you prepay by this Friday, August 10, then you can get in the class for only $10! After Friday the price is $12.50. As always, if you have purchased the Summer Sampler, this class is included. Everyone needs to RSVP so that we can let you know about bringing an item! Contact us with any questions you may have.

The L in LFA

The following is a guest post by our friend Zach Bohannon of the blog: www.oncewasfat.com

When Terry and I decided we were going to do some “blog swapping” on each otherʼs websites, it was really hard for me to narrow down exactly what I wanted to say because of just how much I have to say. And then I started thinking about the name of Terryʼs gym, Life Fitness Academy, and what those words really mean to me. Particularly the first two.

I think when people think of personal trainers and gyms, they concentrate too much on the word “Fitness”. But LFA, Terry, and one of his trainers in particular have truly changed my life. So I think for me, talking about the word “Life” in LFA is much more fitting (no pun intended). In fact, in a way I do not think it would be very fair or honest for me to focus on the word “Fitness”.
Because I have never actually even stepped my foot inside of LFA. Confused? Let me explain…

I work for the U.S. distribution office for Meinl Cymbals and Percussion. Just over two years ago, we hired a new employee by the name of Russ Hickman. Russ knew our artist relations manager, Chris Brewer, having just come out of a job as the tour manager for the rock band Underoath whose drummer at the time played our cymbals. When he found out his wife Jill was pregnant, Russ decided that it was time to get off the road and settle down and was able to land a job at Meinl through Chris. Russ and I immediately hit it off during our first (and lengthy, not surprising if you know Russ) conversation where we realized that we knew a lot of the same people as I spent my late teens and early twenties playing in a metal band in the same scene Russ was involved in. That day, Russ met a 25 year old, happily married, 300+ pound warehouse worker who loved his job, sports, and food.

Weight loss journey of Zach Bohannon

Over the coming months, our friendship grew rapidly. We shared many conversations about everything including music, sports, our love of the Lord, mutual friends, and of course, being from Texas. Occasionally, Russ would mention little things about my eating habits or my health to which I would just kind of smile and allow his words to go in one ear and out the other, continuing to be in denial.

By the time Russ began to transition into leaving Meinl to become a personal trainer, his passion for wellness was so overbearing that I had to start paying attention. He was very excited about working with his good friend, Terry, and particularly passionate about a book entitled The Makerʼs Diet. Furthermore, I was facing the reality that Russ genuinely cared about my health and that it actually hurt him to see this unhealthy guy in front of him with every capability to fix it. I just needed the knowledge and more than that, the initiative to take the first step.

One day, Russ and I had an extremely simple conversation that would change my life forever. We were sitting in the break room, alone, having lunch and I was eating pizza and downing one of the 5-6 sodas that I would drink a day when Russ looked at me and said:
“Bro, why do you drink soda?” To which I replied “I just always have and I love it.” “I really wish you would just stop because you have no idea how much it is hurting you.” he said back.

And that was it. No more about it. I think he thought that it had just gone in one ear and out the other.

Something with this stuck though. Everything he had ever said to me started coming to the forefront like it had all been filed away in the back of my brain. I realized I had someone in front of me who was hurting to help me.

I went to sleep that night and the next day, the first thing I did when I woke up was take the two 12-packs of soda out of the fridge that I had and put them in my car. I took them into the break room at work and taped a sign that said “drink me please” on them. I had taken my first step. I went 26 years drinking soda and I have now been 22 months without even a sip.

Six months after burying soda, my wife, Kathryn, and I took the next step and officially began our weight loss journey by joining a gym closer to our house in La Vergne, right outside Nashville. Russ has been with me every step of the way, giving me workout ideas, always being there to answer a text if I have a question about a particular exercise or about food, and most importantly, getting me on the right track with nutrition. He even convinced me to make other changes in my life like cutting off cable television which is one of the best (and most financially benefiting) things I have ever done.

I started my weight loss journey 14 months and 5 days ago weighing in at exactly 300 lbs. Today, I have lost 100 lbs. and my life is completely different in every way. And even though I have not once actually worked out with Russ and did not actually meet Terry until recently, I owe so much of it to the two of them. Yes, I have done the “Fitness” part of this journey completely on my own, but the “Life” part could have never been changed without Russ, his friendship, his knowledge, and his passion which was furthered by what he has gained from his relationship with Terry through Life Fitness Academy and through the Lord.

I encourage you to experience Terryʼs concept of Holistic Fitness for yourself. One thing I always tell people is that you canʼt put 100% effort into only 50% of the solution. At Life Fitness Academy, you are not just going to get your tail whipped doing circuit training and interval workouts, but you are going to get all the health and nutritional knowledge you need to achieve your goals from people who truly, genuinely care about your success and your “Life”.

And if it makes you feel better, my wife is a client of Russʼ and she has lost 60 pounds…

A HIIT Workout Just For You

See the video for what the exercises look like and then see the reps below.

Pullups to failure 3x (chin-up style)
50 pushups – fast

Repeat the following 3 times:
5 ring dips
5 heavy ez curls
30 sec interval curl and tricep extension with resistance bands. Each arm.

Repeat the following 3 times:
10 crunch hold curls
10 crunch hold tricep extension
10 banana crunches

True Definition

True Definition: A Holistic Guide to Muscle Sculpting and Internal Health by Terry Barga is now available in the Kindle store for only 99 cents! True Definition is a short ebook that discusses Terry’s experience in being able to obtain greater muscle definition, primarily through nutrition.

The strong focus on nutrition shows Life Fitness Academy’s strong commitment to educating about food and even the importance it plays in getting cut or sculpting muscle. While many people may practice muscle sculpting or fitness without a healthy view of food and nutrition, it is always something to be evaluated first on its foundation. While many different principles may work for fitness, the cells can only be as good as the material that they are provided with–you are what you eat, drink, breath, and think. That is why Terry, and Life Fitness Academy both place such a strong emphasis on these inputs. True Definition is no different and continues this line of thought, and even though it may seem strange to some, it is the necessary starting place.

You can download True Definition for all Kindle varieties, as well as iPhone, and iPad.

True Definition

True Definition: a holistic guide to muscle sculpting and internal health

five things

When discussing health and wellness with our clients at Life Fitness Academy, there are a wide variety of backgrounds, conditions, and goals. While everyone may be at a different level of health or wellness, it is wise to consider and be aware of certain factors for one’s health–especially since challenges may come at any time in the future, if they have not already presented themselves. In general we discuss five areas that should be addressed, and within those five areas there are many things to be added and considered.

1. Chiropractic care
Make sure that the central nervous system is working as best as possible and that the spine is in the correct place. Nerves can affect all the systems of the body and many times no pain is felt when nerves are damaged or not communicating correctly. Displacements and misalignments happen all the time with vertebrae and getting these misalignments corrected can greatly aid the body in healing (as well as pain relief). There are many bad doctors of all sorts, and there are many good doctors of all sorts–chiropractors as well as any other physician should not be broad brushed as if they are all bad or all good. Do thorough research to make sure the chiropractor knows what he/she is doing. Talk to us to discuss this further if you have any questions. We work with, and highly recommend Chiropractic Nashville.

2. Dental correction
Dental issues can wreak havoc on the body. Whether it be root canals, mercury fillings, or any metal plating, posts, implants, and crowns–they all can have enough metal ions to cause ongoing harm for as long as they are in the body. When it comes to root canals, they allow bacteria to mutate and become a much more dangerous threat. The root canal will eventually fail or need to be re-sterilized (if that is possible). Possible options are either calcium hydroxide or extraction. For implants, ceramic/non-metallic are best. For more reading consider:
Dr. Mercola
The Center For Natural Dentistry

3. Parasite removal
We all got em. It’s best to deal with them. We help walk clients through the process. Whole food, herbal formulas work best and strengthening the blood which can reach all over the body, since parasites are all over the body, is the best way to address them (not just in the digestive tract).

4. Nutrition
This is a strength of ours. We are all about educating clients on the food they are eating–what is in it, what it does, why it is good or bad for you. This is vitally important, especially as the habit of eating seems to be something we do very very often–and thus the chances for compounding toxicity are much greater.

5. Fitness
Got to have it. Sweat, strengthen, tone–these are all obvious benefits of being active in fitness, but besides detoxifying through sweat and strengthening the body’s muscles, being active increases circulation giving much needed nutrients to different parts of the body through the blood, and it creates chemical reactions in the body which help you feel good and de-stress!

These are five things that we regularly go over. There are numerous other areas within these areas that need to be addressed such as water, sunshine, fasting, skin care, environmental toxins, earthing, and on and on–but these five areas at least provide a framework to start with, and the other things fit in with it.

By: Tim Mallon