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“You’re Welcome” Tee

October 6, 2011 | Stuff | 0 comments | Author:

Welp. It’s here! Our new “You’re Welcome” tee – available for preorder right now. This tee is no longer up for pre-order. If you are interested in getting one please email us (lifefitnessacademy at gmail . com) or contact us. […]

How To Survive The Holidays

October 3, 2011 | Events | 0 comments | Author:

It’s that time of year again! The time of year where families, friends, and co-workers come together to give thanks, trim the tree, and EAT. It’s also the time of year when you freak out on your eating and gorge […]

Just Eat Good Food

September 30, 2011 | Learning, Nutrition | 0 comments | Author:

It seems to me that many people in this country have an eating disorder to some degree. Even if it’s only when you eat a huge bowl of ice cream and say something negative about how fat you feel now, […]


September 21, 2011 | Classes | 0 comments | Author:

FORWARD is a new running class that will run once a week for 8 weeks that will be offered here at Life Fitness Academy 10/13/11. Ashley will draw from her experience running NCAA track and field to improve form, speed […]

Personal Training Specials

September 16, 2011 | Events | 0 comments | Author:

Sale on midday training! For new clients – Get 30% off if you book training between the hours of 10:00am-2:00pm. Available with any trainer and for as long as you train consecutively (without an extended break). Contact us to schedule […]

Kale Talk

September 14, 2011 | Learning, Nutrition | 0 comments | Author:

Last week, I talked about the importance of fats to transport vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your cells. This time, I’ll be sharing a way and get these nutrients: with kale! I’ll even tell you a scrumptious way to eat […]

LFA Olympics

September 7, 2011 | Events | 0 comments | Author:

That’s right everyone it’s time for our first annual LFA Olympics! This is where your training pays off as you try to beat your trainers and other LFA’ers for prizes and bragging rights. There will be something for everyone at […]

Fat is not the enemy!

September 6, 2011 | Learning, Nutrition | 1 comments | Author:

Fat is not the enemy! In a world full of grocery stores packed to the max with low-fat this and non-fat that, it’s easy to be confused. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can eat doughnuts and cook […]

Health Fair!

August 22, 2011 | Events | 0 comments | Author:

It’s time to get a check up! If not a check up, then a check in on health–or more so, holistic health! Join us here at LFA as we tie in your health to some very practical holistic healing solutions. […]

You Are What You Eat

August 18, 2011 | Learning | 0 comments | Author:

You are what you eat is a truer phrase than most people realize. This is another one of those common sense things people forget to think about logically. Nutrition is a wonderfully complex and interesting study, but there are a […]

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