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Spend Saturday, April 30th with lululemon athletica and LFA as we partner with some awesome studios to take and provide some super sweaty complimentary classes outside and along the route of the Rock’n’Roll Marathon!



new unlimited fitness classes in nashville

As of February 8, 2016 we have lowered our unlimited class price to $129.00–cheaper than our 10-pack! This deal is only available to those you sign up via EFT for a minimum of a 6-month commitment. There is an early termination fee of $30.

Let us know if you have any questions, and contact us to sign up!


best personal training

5 min warm up

20 single arm resistance band
Chest press
Tricep ext
Shoulder press

10 TRX supermans, back rows, and plank jacks

20 bosu hollow backs, Russian twists, crunches, and cycle crunches

Repeat 3 times

8 sprints


lose weight fitness in Nashville

Life Fitness Academy posts whiteboard workouts from the gym, right here in the workouts category so you can check in here anytime and get a planned workout in!

3 min jump rope
3 min wall sit
3 min towel pull
3 min plank

10 ring rows
10 shoulder pushups
20 dips
10 L sit leg raises
3 handstand holds
20 resistance band shoulder presses
20 resistance chest press
20 side plank leg raises
20 Spider-Man Pushups
20 TRX plank jacks
Repeat 3 times

New Classes Available

Have you seen our new classes that we just started?


Boxing Fusion is back! This class will incorporate boxing technique, self defense, and strength training as well as our comprehensive nutrition–it’s the next revolution in boxing fitness! Perfect for cardiovascular development.
Tuesday / Thursday at 6:30pm
Saturday at 9:00am


Our core conditioning class will help you:
– Build Strength
– Build Stability
– Build supportive skeletal fibers
Adding this class will have a greater effect on improving every other workout including making you a more body conscious runner!
Tuesday / Thursday at 6:00pm


Are some boot camps around town a little too serious and self-righteous for you? We want strong enough arms to embrace what life holds for us, strong enough legs to rush after what inspires us- children, grandchildren, friends, pets, etc. We’ll work hard and have fun at the same time with a format that is effective.

This class will strengthen the muscles that stabilize and protect your joints and will safely prepare you for more advanced bootcamps. The truth is that for most of us, we need to strengthen. Boot Camp Basics is a gateway to getting more out of life.
Mon 5:15 am
Wed 9:30 am (childcare provided)
Fri 5:15 am

Also, you can check the calendar and see them there.


Life Fitness Academy - Explosive Class

Who’s ready to get sweaty? Explosive is geared for all my fellahs out there looking to weight train and burn fat without doing 2 workouts. This class will help you get ripped as you burn out that spare tire. We are going to give you the body that you had in high school, or should’ve had in high school. Explosive will be taught by me (Terry) as it is a style of working out that I have tested and found to be highly effective. This class will run at 1 hour and will be limited to 5 guys, and it is guys only! Sorry ladies, we need to be ready for swimsuit season too. Guys, if you are ready to add some muscle to the frame and cut some significant weight, Explosive is the class for you.


When: 3x per week (Tue./Thurs./Sat.)
– Tue./Thurs. at 6am
– Sat. at 8am

Where: Coleman Park Community Center (384 Thompson Lane, Nashville, TN 37211)
Cost: $275
Begins: April 11, 2011
(must have minimum of 3 to open class)

Extended options:
– 12 weeks: $550
– 6 months: $1100
– Add whey protein, primal defense (probiotics), and perfect food caps (greens) for an extra $125.

Life Fitness Academy - Shift Class

(Shift – The women’s answer to Explosive)
Hey ladies, are you tired of not having enough upper body strength? Are you fed-up with watching all the fit girls getting all the attention at the pool? Are you ready for the best body of your life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or you just want to look like Ashley Dance, then we have a new class for you. Shift is a class that will mix high intensity interval training together with resistance and body weight training to give you the toned, strong body that you have been looking for from other classes. This class is for everyone and you will see a difference in just a 3 weeks! Follow Ashley through time tested strength training workouts as she lifts those sagging butts and removes those “bat wings” from your arms all while building endurance and melting fat like never before. It’s time you stop whining about your weight and how you look and do something about it!


When: 3x per week (Mon./Wed./Fri.) at 6:30am
Where: Coleman Park Community Center (384 Thompson Lane, Nashville, TN 37211)
Cost: $275
Begins: April 11, 2011
(must have minimum of 3 to open class)

Extended options:
– 12 weeks: $550
– 6 months: $1100
– Add whey protein, primal defense (probiotics), and perfect food caps (greens) for an extra $125.

Body Blast Class – Video Updates

Our Body Blast Class located at the Crag of Cool Springs has been going great. The class is 6:00am on Tuesday and Thursday and is FREE for a limited time.

The location is:
The Crag at Cool Springs
121 Seaboard Lane #10
Franklin, TN 37067-2817

This class is geared for those that would like to cut weight and get strong; giving you the ability to do things that you may have never thought possible. Body Blast will take you through from the ground up on building muscle and melting fat with proven methods of total body strength training. As well as being unlike any other class you’ve ever attended, Body Blast will challenge every fitness level even if there may not be a fitness level just yet. It is 1 part HIIT, 1 part resistance training, 1 part isometric, and 1 part body weight. Body Blast will use everything you have and give you the results you are looking for. We will also give you the tools and tips to cut that unwanted weight by teaching you some valuable food solutions for your dietary needs.