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We will be offering a new outdoor bodyweight park workout at the Ascend Concert Center in Downtown Nashville. The class will be a 30 minute class on Monday and Wednesday at 12:15pm and is open to all levels of fitness. Normal class rates apply but we are offering a discount if you bring cash!

Normal rates:
$140/ 10 class pass
$159 / unlimited (paying by EFT)

** $10 cash / special one-off deal **

The Ascend Concert Amphitheater is located at 301 1st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like more info!


best personal trainerIn simplest terms, calisthenics is body weight fitness training. Calisthenics can be so much more, however. It is functional fitness at its best. What can you do with your body? Can you move your body this way or that way?

The term comes from the ancient Greek words “kalos” meaning beauty and “sthenos” meaning strength. Appropriately named, calisthenics creates balanced, dense muscles and fluid movements that are quite beautiful to watch. Calisthenics can be as simple as a push-up, or as difficult as a planche. Equipment is not necessary, so calisthenics is accessible to everyone. You can do these movements at home, at work, in the park, or at a gym. Calisthenics can be as personal as yoga. Countless progressions exist to build up strength to do the flashy moves like handstands and muscle-ups, but they all start you at the beginning. It’s your body, your strength, and your mobility. It’s up to you to train it to perform the skills you want it to perform. Maybe a pull-up is your goal, or maybe it’s a handstand. Both of those skills make great party tricks! When’s the last time you saw someone just lift something really heavy at a party?

Besides the spectacle, calisthenics is perfect training for rehabilitating injuries. Hundreds of people injure their shoulders, knees or back from improper exercising techniques with too much weight. Calisthenics can correct imbalances and strengthen at the same time. Flexibility and mobility are just as important as strength in this method of training. Not that you need to be yoga-bendy, but you should be able to move your legs or arms out of your own way. The constant stretching and strengthening keeps muscles supple and mobile which keeps you injury and pain free.

Calisthenics is empowering for women and impressive for men. Strength equals confidence. It doesn’t make you “bulky” or “boxy,” instead lean, toned, “cut” muscles emerge. Size can be achieved with calisthenics if you’re a dude looking to get big, too though. It is so customizable to what you personally want to achieve.

Calisthenics is foundational to many other sports and skills as well. The strength developed in the stability muscles is essential for heavier weight lifting, rock climbing, acrobatics, running, ninja warrior training, etc, without injury. If you can safely control your own body weight, you can safely add another element to the mix. Injuries are a major setback to your fitness program, so a method of training that is effective, safe, and fun can’t really be beat. Many of the skills are the moves you did as a kid on the playground; you’ll remember. Our bodies are amazing, fun, and strong tools that can do more than carry our brains from home to work. Movement is therapeutic; you need to move. Make it feel good.


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Our next calisthenics clinic is Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 10:30am. All levels are welcome and we will be covering multiple calisthenic movements with various progressions for each. Cost is $25.

What: Calisthenics Clinic
When: Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 10:30am
Where: LFA gym, 1210 8th Ave. S Nashville, TN 37203
Cost: $25 – RSVP ONLINE


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Want to learn how to handstand? Or maybe you want to improve your current handstand? Or maybe you desire a new level of handstand goodness…this is for you! Our next handstand clinic is coming up on March 21, 2015. Also, we will have a brand new product released for this clinic and supplies will be very limited–so stay tuned!

what: Handstand Clinic
when: Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 10:30am
where: Life Fitness Academy, 1210 8th Ave. S Nashville, TN 37203
cost: If you RSVP by 3/9/15 it is $20, after that it is $25. Contact us if you have any questions.



Handstand Clinic Nashville

It’s time for another famous #lifefitnessacademy #handstand clinic! Open to all levels and includes a free Handstand ebook. Join us on Saturday, February 21, 2015. Cost is $25. Time is 12:00pm. Place is 1210 8th Ave. S Nashville, TN 37203. Blank is blank. What do you think?

Send us a message to RSVP or if you have a question.

Calisthenics Clinic

Join us for our next Calisthenics Clinic–coming up on June 21, 2014 at 9:00am. We will be focusing on handstands, lower body balance, and planche progressions. The price is $35 until June 14, then it goes up to $45 until June 20, and is $50 at the door. Also included is a free handstand progression pdf download to study everything learning at the clinic.

Contact us if you have any questions!

WHAT: Calisthenics Clinic focusing on handstands, body balancing, and planche progressions
WHEN: Saturday, June 21, 2014 at 9:00am
WHERE: Life Fitness Academy, 1200 Villa Place, suite 406 (or the boiler room) Nashville, TN 37212
COST: $35 before June 14, $45 after that, or $50 at the door.

nashville calisthenics clinic


nashville calistihenics

best personal trainerYou may be wondering what all the commotion about calisthenics is. Calisthenics are simply exercises that can be performed without any special equipment. They use your own body weight to improve strength, flexibility, endurance, and bone health. In addition they improve balance, agility and coordination. Calisthenics can be the most basic move, to something that makes you say, “how did they do that?!” Calisthenics can be performed almost anywhere, from dips on a park bench to pull-ups on a light post. You can do a handstand anywhere you are brave enough to attempt it. It is empowering to be able to control your own body through progressively more difficult moves.

There are benefits to both weight lifting and calisthenics movements. Weight lifting can be great for developing bone density and increasing muscle size. However, it can become too repetitive, and can overdevelop some muscle while neglecting supporting muscles, leading to injury. You can injure yourself through calisthenics as well, it is just usually safer for most people. Calisthenics utilize isometric contractions in many of the movements, which are great at forcing circulation into supporting tissues and creating strength from the bones outward. Calisthenics are some of the oldest forms of exercise. Records of ancient Greeks using calisthenics for physique competitions exist. In fact, the word comes from the ancient Greek kallos, which means beauty, and sthenos, meaning strength. Certain moves are quite beautiful.

Calisthenics can support any sport you choose to participate in. It only ever helps to be more in control of your body. You can become more agile and excel at football, for example. You will probably develop stronger supporting muscles and therefore, not incur a knee injury, or something similar in football or basketball or soccer, etc. They require flexibility, so it can be a perfect warm-up and/ or cool down for your chosen sport. It can be a sport all its own. Calisthenics and gymnastics are very similar.

Calisthenics is taking on a new identity–all its own. There are organizations forming to teach people, to compete, and to create a community of healthy movement loving individuals. It teaches that fitness can happen anywhere; you are not confined to a gym with special machines. There is freedom in movement. It’s a functional form of fitness. When, in real life, would it be necessary to be able to bench press 400 lbs? I can’t think of a good example. It is an isolated muscle movement. Being able to hoist yourself up over a wall is useful, whether its in an obstacle course or running from the law (just kidding). Getting over that wall involves your arms, abs, hips and legs all working together to get your whole body over the obstacle. A handstand is a great party trick that you can do anytime. Who has a barbell lying around at their backyard barbeque for you to show off your hang cleans? I don’t know any of those people. Consider a fun, lower risk of injury, generally impressive, and more functional form of fitness like calisthenics. We offer classes Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:00 am and 5:30 pm and Saturday at 10:30 am that are specifically calisthenics classes. These classes are called “Bars of Steel.” If you ask nicely, the rest of our instructors will be glad to incorporate calisthenics into the other classes as well.