Life Fitness Academy’s whiteboard workout of the day!

5 min warm up
2 min isometric high reach

1 min resistance band hold in the shoulder press position
1 arm push-up holds 30 sec each arm
10 slow over hand close grip pull-ups
Repeat 3 times

5×5 skull crushers
5×30 second L sit holds
1 min isometric Tricep Pushdown towel hold
5×5 chest press

Ball alphabet
20 weight decline sits
Repeat 3 times

Back-To-School Boot Camp

Hey moms! Are you ready to spend some much needed time on yourself? Do you need to get back in shape after a summer of debauchery? Maybe you just need to get out some of that built up stress? Whichever of these may be you, we have your solution! Back to school boot camp!

This boot camp is for all fitness levels and will get your fitness moving in the right direction… FORWARD! Let Ashley or Russ sculpt your hard to reach problem areas as you enjoy the company of other moms working towards the same goal. The class will mix in isometrics, resistance, body weight and cardio training into a fusion of fitness fun. There will also be some great new perks that include:

-Food Journals
-2 Cooking Classes
-Stopwatch (For Doing HIIT On Your Off Days)

Everything you need to succeed for an affordable price.
8 week class 3x’s a week (Mon. Wed. Fri.) 8:30am 8/29-10/21
-Pay for all 8 weeks up front for $369
-Split into 2 payments at $189 a month
-Have it EFT’d at $150 a month

Either way we need you to have your full payment or your first payment by 8/22/11. Contact us to schedule or with any questions!

Groupon Deal!!

For all of you taking advantage of our special offer, available only through Groupon, here are the details:

– 1 month of unlimited Boot Camp (4 consecutive weeks, all available sessions, which works out to as much as 3 times per week or 12 sessions)
– Your month of Boot Camp begins when you take your first Boot Camp class (so that will be your first of 12) and continues the next 4 weeks (even if you are unable to attend the following week, so plan a month when you will be able to come consecutively!

To view the Boot Camp calendar click here.

For any questions please contact us either using the contact form or by giving us a call (615-562-2633)!

Happy Grouponing!

*Note – For those interested in continuing with our Boot Camp, normally, prices for boot camp are $12 per session ($144 per month). We offer a discount to all of our regular clients who pay via EFT for the month at a reduced price of $100!