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Our annual Black Friday Sale is here again and we have another round of great discounts on fitness. Check out our deals for personal training, classes, and if you stop in the gym, even some p-bars! You can visit the Black Friday Sale page, go to our Square online store, send us an email, or give us a call(615-562-2633) in order to purchase a deal or if you have a question.

1. The Ultimate Redox Restorative Fitness Package – $750 (normally $880)

    8 Personal Training / Restorative Fitness Sessions
    4 Bottles of ASEA
    1 Bottle of Restore
    1 Tube of RENU 28 Redox Gel

2. 10 Personal Training Sessions with Terry – $600 (normally $700)

3. 10-pack fitness classes – $129 (normally $140)

4. Unlimited monthly fitness class – $115 with 12-month commitment via EFT (normally $129)

5. 10 Personal Training Sessions with Valerie – $500 (normally $600)

6. 2 times per week, Personal Training with Ashley – $400/month with 2-month minimum (via EFT)

7. 3 times per week, Personal Training with Ashley – $550/month with 2-month minimum (via EFT)

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Nashville Calisthenics Games 2016

LFA is excited to host Nashville’s first Calisthenics Games on November 5. Contestants will compete in 3 different categories: P-Bars, Straight Bar, and Hand Balance. Mike Marchese from Up Your Fitness and Terry Barga of LFA will be judging the event which will give out cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Spectators welcome! Here are the details to wet your whistle:

What: Calisthenics Games with Mike Marchese of UpYourFitness as guest judge
When: Saturday, November 5, 2016 at 12:00pm
Where: workout park near Ascend Amphitheater
Cost: $40 for a single entry, $60 for a buddy pass (you plus a friend can split the cost for $30 each)
Why: A whole lotta fun and cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners. Spectators welcome!

To RSVP you can sign up online through our Mindbody site (under the enrollments tab) or feel free to contact us to sign up or with any questions.

nashville calisthenics

Official Rules
1. The Calisthenics Games will consist of two (2) sixty second rounds. These rounds will be
known as “The Preliminaries” and “The Finals.”

2. Each competitor will pick one (1) of the following three categories to compete in.
◦ Straight Bar
◦ P-Bar
◦ Hand Balance.

3. The top ten (10) competitors will advance to the The Finals round per Preliminary round

4. Finalist competitors may change their category of competition for the final round if they desire
to do so.

5. The top three competitors will be awarded prize money. In the event of a tie in the final round,
the tied competitors will go head to head in a tie breaker round.
• Competitor 1 = 28pts
• Competitor 2 = 24pts
• Competitor 3 = 24pts
*Competitors 2 & 3 will compete for second and third place.

6. Tie breaker round will consist of one (1) sixty second round that will be judged the same way as
previous rounds. Competitors may change their category of competition if they choose to do so.

7. In the event of a tie in the tie breaker round, the tied competitors will be named co-winners and
prize monies will be split equally.

1. Official Judges: Terry Barga, Mike Marchese, and Jessica Boehm.
2. You will be judged on three criteria: Strength, Fluidity, and Form
3. Each of the three official judges will rate your routine on a 1-10 scale in each of the three
criteria. Max score possible is 30.

1. First prize: $250.00
2. Second Prize: $100
3. Third Prize: $50

Calisthenics Games Buddy Pass


nashville fitness black friday

Enjoy the comfort of your own home this Black Friday! You know what else you can enjoy? Discounted fitness from Life Fitness Academy! We have multiple deals for you this year that will only be available from Friday, November 27, 2015 through Monday, November 30, 2015 ending at 12:00pm. You can visit our BLACK FRIDAY SALE ONLINE STORE or see the deals below.

Deal 1:
Take 5% off a 5 pack, 10% off a 10 pack, and 20% off a 20 pack of Private Training! **These sessions must be used by February 15, 2016.**

Five-Pack: $375 – 5% = $357
Ten-Pack: $700 – 10% = $630
Twenty-Pack: $1300 – 20% = $1040

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Deal 2:
New Clients only. Are you on the fence about personal training or restorative fitness? From now until December 31st purchase as many PT or Restorative sessions as you wish for only $45. The only catch is, all the sessions MUST be used by December 31st 2015.
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Deal 3
Buy our 10 class pack for $120 (normally 10 for $140).

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Deal 4
Buy our unlimited monthly classes deal for $139 *only available by enrolling via Mindbody and paying via EFT (normally $159/month)

Nashville Fitness Sale

Deal 5
Want to train at home or anywhere on you go? Get our online classes for $120/year (normally $240/year).

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*If you are long distance and are looking to heal or need Restorative Fitness then we recommend our online personal training which gives individualized attention.


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