• By the time the three sessions were over, I was totally hooked. That was a year and a half ago. Since then, I have gained not only considerable physical strength, but I’ve gained a wonderful confidence in what my body can do. I would never have pushed myself as hard as Terry or Ashley have pushed me…

    — Deanna, Nashville, TN.
  • Now–8 months, 3 food classes, and lots of fun later, I am down almost 30 pounds and impress myself everyday with what I am able to do. Ashley has shown me that working out and eating right is not something you do just for the few weeks you want to lose weight, it is how you live.

    — Chelsea, Nashville, TN.
  • When I finally made up my mind to lose weight, Terry was there to kick my butt. One thing that makes me happier than losing weight is I am no longer on any of my diabetes medication and I am not ever going back.

    — Christy, Nashville, TN.