• Tomorrow will officially mark 2 months since I’ve changed my eating lifestyle and I have lost 20lbs so far. I have a long ways to go but I have never felt better both physically and mentally! Now if I could just transition out of the “my clothes don’t quite fit and I refuse to buy some since I’m still losing” frump girl phase, that would be great. So if you see me in the next few weeks, don’t mind the disaster of an appearance on the outside because underneath it all, change is happening!

    — Tina, Nashville, TN.
  • I have been having achilles issues for over a year. I wear ice wraps around the house (Big Hen calls me Secretariat), have had physical therapy, and taken time off from Boot Camp but with no improvement. I have been coming to Yoga now “regularly” for the past 3 three weeks (still doing Boot Camp with “the beast”) and my feet and ankles feel better this week than they have since the pain began. YAY for LFA Yoga!!!

    — Patti Sue, Nashville, TN.
  • I met Naomi for the first time and loved her. She gave me a great workout yesterday! I have to say, I have never seen a business where all the employees are absolutely fantastic. Naomi, Ashley(who doesn’t love Ashley?), Matt, and even Chris helped me with a good stretch yesterday. After reading Zach’s book, I hope to someday meet him. I’m a big fan now.

    When I walk into LFA at the end of the day, your trainers always have a positive word, smile, and attitude. They say “slow and steady wins the race”. That is how I would explain my journey at the present. But I can’t wait to get to that finish line so I can pass on the blessings you all have given me.

    — Sandra, Nashville, TN.