EF-cover-blogpostAfter training countless clients at his Nashville based gym, Terry Barga developed an approach to fitness that he sums up in, Exercise Fundamentals. After seeing many clients that had come from other trainers or fitness backgrounds still dealing with nagging injuries and without an understanding of how to apply fitness to help, Exercise Fundamentals was born. Learn fitness types and how to implement them into your routine (and why!).

Combined with his previous book, True Definition, Terry shows the reader how he has successfully rehabbed and trained clients at Life Fitness Academy. Exercise Fundamentals was written for the client first-and then the personal trainer. The principles in the book can be applied both to novice and advanced fitness levels. Keeping in line with Life Fitness Academy’s philosophy, the ideas behind Exercise Fundamentals are meant to be gained and shared, without the need for continued dependence.

- The 6 different exercise types you need to include in your workout program
- Over 100 exercise descriptions
- A 34-day Exercise Fundamentals workout
- A general food guide

You can buy the Ebook-available now on Amazon for $5.

Amazon kindle format works on all versions of Kindle, as well as on iPad, iPhone, Android, and personal computers with the Kindle App. Have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us or comment on the blog post about EF!

*The print version is also now available and you can buy it for $10 (plus shipping). Click the button below to order the print version or stop by the gym and pick one up!