fitness testimonials nashville

Thank you for sharing your LFA story, Bobby and Sheri! We are glad to have you as part of the LFA family. Here are some of our favorite quotes:

“After the first day I wasn’t nervous at all anymore and I actually looked forward to going.”

“I’ve lost about 35 pounds in a year and a half.”

“I’ve gone down two sizes.”

“When we came in I had a shoulder injury that was literally 20 years old, couldn’t move my shoulder, didn’t have range of motion in my arm. …It amazes me that it doesn’t hurt anymore, that I can anything with it.”

“It feels like a family.”

“I highly recommend anyone here.”


fitness nashville testimonial

Thanks for sharing Josie and Shannon! A few bits we liked:
“When I first came I was in the worst shape of my life…”

“After working with Ashley, she definitely has challenged me in the best way. She’s pushed me but also there’s been grace when I can’t do something and now a year later I’m in the best shape of my life.”

“I thought I was eating healthy, but I wasn’t.”

“I know more about nutrition than I ever thought I would.”

“It really is, as cliche as it sounds, it’s a family.”


nashville fitness testimonial

Thanks for your testimonial, Kat, we are glad to have you as part of the LFA family!

Here are some of our favorite bits:

“Once I started working out with her I was hooked!”

“I began to see immediate improvements in my workout abilities.”

“If improving your overall health is what you are looking for then LFA is the place for you.”


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Dr. Chad McClellan of Chiropractic Nashville is a key partner with Life Fitness Academy. We are so thankful to be able to work with him and our team and clients have seen excellent results from his guidance. Below, Dr. Chad shares some of his LFA story, here are some bits we liked:

“He immediately had me doing stuff that was completely counterintuitive to my own sports medicine background.”

“A lot of stuff that I just would have avoided and would have told my own patients to avoid doing… before we did it. I spent 6-7 weeks going through the Bars of Steel and now fours years later I have still not had one bit of shoulder issue. Nothing. Not at all. And everything else was held equal…”


best fitness in nashville

Thank you, Kyla! We are glad to have you and glad you found us on twitter all those years ago. Some bits we liked:

“I just thought I could do it on my own… but I found that I was not accountable to myself.”

“I have been with Terry ever since…”


Join the revolution of Restorative Fitness and come see the difference at Life Fitness Academy with fitness and food education that can heal, restore, and prevent injury.

Thanks for sharing Patti, Katie, and Richard! Some of our favorite quotes were:

“All it took was one class and we were addicted to the great instructors.”

“Before I came I was having back problems… and could hardly walk.”

“We’ve been working now for about a year twice a week and I’m happy to report no back problems anymore. Also no surgery.”

“It’s totally changed our lives.”

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