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The Most Common Food Pathogens In The U.S.

April 30, 2011 | Learning, Nutrition | 0 comments | Author:

Of the most common food borne infections, half are found in poultry, pork, beef, and other meat products. A study, as noted by the Washington Post, showed the pathogens that have the greatest burden on society as a whole.

In order of ranking, the study found that the greatest burden economically was from campylobacter in poultry which sickens approximately 600,000 people per year and costs $1.3 billion. In second place was toxoplasma in pork, a nasty parasite that costs an approximate $1.2 billion per year. Third ranked was listeria in deli meats at a cool $1.1 billion a year. All told, the top ten pathogens tied to specific foods cost society approximately $8.1 billion in one year.

Need Some Spice In Your Life?

April 25, 2011 | Learning, Nutrition | 0 comments | Author:

Herbs and spices, though small additions, are nutritional powerhouses. They are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and of course, excellent taste! Here is a brief overview of some of our favorite spices that maybe you haven’t tried before:

Turmeric - Turmeric goes nicely with poultry and in Indian cuisine, but I think you can add it to just about anything. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, a natural antiseptic, a natural antibacterial, a liver detoxifier, and it has been shown effective in preventing, slowing, and stopping cancer.

LFA Nutrition Challenge

April 18, 2011 | Fitness, Learning, Nutrition | 0 comments | Author:

We are excited to introduce a new challenge today. For the next four (4) weeks the
challenge will be based on nutrition. Please contact us with any questions.

Week 1- Take all “inflammatory foods” out of your home
Inflammatory foods includes sugar, all grains and starchy foods including bread,
pasta, cereal, rice, oatmeal, pastries, baked goods, apples, bananas, apricots,
grapes, melon, peaches, oranges, pears, papaya, mango, dried fruit, canned
fruit, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes. Beverages including any of these
ingredients (can have:green tea, coffee, kombucha, and water)
**this first week is about getting foods out of your home before you start the lists)

Super Spice: Turmeric

April 18, 2011 | Featured, Learning, Nutrition | 1 comments | Author:

Turmeric is one of the most powerful and beneficial spices that you can consume. Dr. David Frawely, founder and director of the American Institute for Vedic Studies in Santa Fe, New Mexico says this about turmeric:

If I had only one single herb to depend upon for all possible health and dietary needs, I would without much hesitation choose the Indian spice Turmeric. There is little it cannot do in the realm of healing and much that no other herb is able to accomplish.

Vitamin D And The Health Of Blood Vessels

April 11, 2011 | Learning, Nutrition | 0 comments | Author:

Now we are just piling on! Vitamin D is important in numerous body processes and recent research from the Emory/Geaorgia Tech Predictive Health Institute has found that lower amounts of vitamin D, even in healthy individuals, is linked with stiffer arteries and inability for blood vessels to relax.

The study just adds to the growing evidence of vitamin D’s critical role in body processes including blood pressure and vascular health. Encouragingly, participants in the study who increased their vitamin D levels saw improvement in both blood pressure and vascular health.

On Metabolic Syndrome and Antioxidants

April 9, 2011 | Learning, Nutrition | 0 comments | Author:

Metabolic syndrome is a combination of abnormal body functions that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Typically signs such as excessive weight, higher than normal triglyceride levels, lower than normal HDL cholesterol, higher than normal blood pressure, and higher than normal fasting blood sugar are indicators of having metabolic syndrome.

A recent study, after controlling for all other factors, found that adults with metabolic syndrome consistently had lower concentrations of carotenoids from serum antioxidants than those without metabolic syndrome. Serum antioxidants that were included were retinol, retinyl esters, carotenoids(a-carotene, B-carotene, B-cryptoxanthin, lutein+zeaxanthin, total lycopene), vitamin E, and vitamin C.

Fasting Is Good For Your Health

April 7, 2011 | Learning, Nutrition | 4 comments | Author:

Yes, it’s true, fasting is good for your health. Oh we knew it all along. We heard how calorie restriction plus optimal nutrition leads to a longer life.. I mean, everyone knows that eating less and requiring less insulin leads to a longer life, right?

Well, there is a new study, as there always is, and here is what they are saying:

“Research cardiologists at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute are reporting that fasting not only lowers one’s risk of coronary artery disease and diabetes, but also causes significant changes in a person’s blood cholesterol levels.”


March 26, 2011 | Classes | 0 comments | Author:

Life Fitness Academy - Explosive Class

Who’s ready to get sweaty? Explosive is geared for all my fellahs out there looking to weight train and burn fat without doing 2 workouts. This class will help you get ripped as you burn out that spare tire. We are going to give you the body that you had in high school, or should’ve had in high school.

Why We Do What We Do

March 22, 2011 | Featured, Learning | 0 comments | Author:

I love to tell people that my job is to maximize their whole health, with weight loss being one of the primary benefits. I know that sounds kind of cheesy, but I assure you, if you can follow some basic guidelines and do your research, then you will have success. For some it comes faster than it does for others, but either way you are doing more for your body than over half the population.

We do things raw, organic, and living, because our bodies are made for that–not the sterile, white, and lifeless food we have come to know. These raw, organic, whole foods are loaded with health benefits.

Let’s Go Exercise

March 21, 2011 | Fitness, Learning | 0 comments | Author:

Exercise isn’t just for the young, exercise isn’t just for those trying to lose weight, and exercise certainly isn’t just for those who compete in athletics. Exercise is important for everyone as it provides synergistic benefits to the body.

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