At Life Fitness Academy we are careful about choosing supplements and natural healing remedies. We don’t always get it right, but we find that the majority of supplements on the market are junk, full of synthetic isolates, fillers, binders, and artificial ingredients.

When it comes to essential oils we know there are several companies with high quality products and one that we recommend and sell is Doterra. So how do Doterra’s supplements stack up? Here are some thoughts:

1. xEO MEGA Essential Oil Omega Complex – We don’t care for the fact that it has carrageenan (thickener with potential to cause stomach lesions) or maltitol (sugar alcohol). We also don’t ever recommend eating squid (calamari) or products from squid as they are full of parasites and cleaners of the ocean (even if the oil is processed for purity). While it mostly has high quality ingredients, we don’t recommend it as a primary way to get omegas. If there was a great need for animal based omega’s we would first lean towards an Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil or Fermented Cod Liver Oil. We do like that it uses essential oils to protect the oil from going rancid as fish oil can go rancid easily. Recommend: NO

2. vEO MEGA Essential Oil Omega Complex – We like this blend of plant based essential fatty acids. It contains some powerhouse oils such as Inca Inchi, Flaxseed oil, Pomegranate oil, and Pumpkinseed oil. Because many of these can go rancid easily, the carotenoids and essential oil blend is vitally important to maintain the freshness of the oils. So we give it two thumbs up–we recommend this! Recommend: YES

3. MICROPLEX MVp Food Nutrient Complex – While we are glad that it is in a whole food base and that it contains some chelated minerals which do enhance bioavailability—the bioavailability is not near as much as whole food and it still starts with a synthetic and/or inorganic rock mineral or vitamin. We would prefer bacteria cultivation supplements over this and we would primarily recommend whole or extracted herbs or a complete whole food supplement such as Kind Organics. An example of herb use might be: yellow dock for iron, oatstraw for calc/mag, chervil or cardamom for zinc, etc). Recommend: NO

4. ALPHA CRS+ Cellular Vitality Complex – We like that it mostly has an herbal focus and are ok with its cellular energy blend. We would recommend this if a person is looking for longevity, energy, and vitality. However, we should note that there are other high quality products that might be a better fit, such as Cell Fuzion by Global Healing Center. Recommend: YES

Those are our quick thoughts on Doterra Supplements. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Since this review, Doterra has updated the LLV formula and in the comments below we reviewed these again. Here are some quick thoughts on the updated formula:

Alpha CRS+ – We still like this formula and would recommend it along with others such as Cell Fuzion.

Microplex VMz – This looks to be a good improvement by using the glycoprotein matrix (yeast) to metabolize the nutrients to provide cofactors) and as long as someone is not sensitive to yeast this can be a decent option. We still always recommend whole herbs and/or complete whole food forms, but we could recommend this version depending on the person.

xEO Mega – We don’t care for the maltitol and carrageenan, but it is great that the marine oils are now from clean fish such as anchovy, sardines, and mackerel instead of squid. Let’s say, without the carageenan we would recommend this.

vEO Mega – Just as the earlier review, we still like this and would recommend it as a great plant based, anti-inflammatory oil blend.

It looks like Doterra has done a good job of updating their formulas and we hope they continue to tweak and improve them even more!

NST in Nashville

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One of the things we love about NST (aka Neurostructural Integration Technique or Neuromuscular Osteopathy or Advanced Bowen Technique) is that it empowers the body to regulate itself. NST has a unique application to the neuromuscular system. Being that muscles make up approximately 80% of our bulk and are the largest energy consumer in the body, one can start to see the implication of improper muscle tension, muscle blockage, and muscle stressors. By seeking to ensure an equal muscle tension on both sides of the body, NST frees up potential improper resource use in the body. For example, unequal muscle tension and blocked muscles would lead to an unnecessary and harmful blood flow compensation to the muscles which would harm organ function as the organs seek to adapt. The unique application in NST of specific sequences of designed movements helps to balance the muscles of the body, especially the central core.

NST is so powerful that the great majority of people are helped in only 2-3 sessions to resolve symptoms. For individuals with lots of stressors or who have an unexpected stressor, having an additional 1-3 sessions can typically clear up the problem. For those with chronic or degenerative diseases, NST makes a powerful tool that will round out the approach and empower the body.

Life Fitness Academy is glad to work with and highly recommend Annie Waugh in the Nashville/Franklin area.

Life Fitness Academy recommends NST

back pain relief nashville

Life Fitness Academy believes that a holistic, comprehensive approach is not only best, but necessary when dealing with the body–and NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique or Neuromuscular Osteopathy or Advanced Bowen Technique) is very much inline with that philosophy all the way to its core.

When the body is stressed in some manner, the body responds with an alarm system that shows symptoms which, for example, might be pain, headaches, body aches, or general fatigue. As the body adapts its ability to resist the stressor is increased and symptoms may disappear but at the cost of vitality in the body. The body eventually reaches a point of exhaustion due to being overworked. NST helps to restore balance and equilibrium (homeostasis) to the body by removing the compensations that the body has had to implement. Combined with a removal of the initial stressor (whether it be drugs, toxins, poor diet, or other) this allows the body to heal and come back to a place of greater vitality or life force.

Life Fitness Academy is glad to work with and highly recommend Annie Waugh in the Nashville/Franklin area. Check out her website and schedule an appointment with her.

Ingesting Essential Oils

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Essential oils are extremely concentrated plant essences. They are typically 75 to 3500 times as concentrated as the oils in herbs and therefore must be pure and used with care.

Essential oils are not water soluble (or only slightly so) and will not disperse in most water. So a drop in water will just sit there and not disperse. Water that is free of minerals and chemicals, and is just pure h2o, such as distilled water will disperse many essential oils if left to sit. If taking an essential oil internally, it is best to disperse appropriately–such as in alcohol, carrier oils, or for example, a drop in a gallon of distilled water overnight. Another way is to to empty gel caps and to add a drop or two to the capsule, which will prevent the throat from being irritated. The hot oils, such as oregano and clove, need special care to ensure their dilution or dispersion (whether in a bath, topically applied, or taken internally).

While a poor quality essential oil can irritate and cause allergic reactions due to synthetics or proteins in the oil, often times irritations in other parts of the body reveal a problem in the body–not a problem with ingesting oils or using oils. Most people have latent threats in the body that essential oils can expose. These reactions should be carefully considered in that they may need to increase the dose and use other herbs and oils to fight against these threats. I believe this is most often the case. The mucous membranes of the body are protective but the cleaner the body, the less mucous, therefore the body uses mucous as a defense mechanism. The fact that essential oils penetrate the mucous membranes is a good thing.

When using essential oils, one should recognize the potency and therapeutic benefits of essential oil and therefore use them with care and not flippantly. However, even though they have powerful remedial effects, they are not the same as pharmaceutical medicines and will have a measure of grace built into their use, such that even their improper use can many times be done safely and without the lingering toxicity that pharmaceutical medications can cause.

And, as always, among the best ways to use essential oil remains to breathe in the vapors and add it to carrier oils for topical use. If ingesting essential oils: take care, study, ask questions, use a dispersant, use one drop, dilute appropriately, respect the oil.