All of us here love fitness for various reasons, and those reasons may surprise you. As you may know, here at LFA we fundamentally approach fitness differently and we have fun applying our fundamentals to our own work-outs as well as yours. So in short, we make fun of fitness.

We love the flexibility in fitness. The way we can squeeze it into 15 minutes of concentrated structural isometric contractions. For some of us we feel great after using HIIT for our quick 18 minute, heart racing workout. But when I think of flexibility I think of how weak I feel during yoga and how that makes me want to strive to have more flexibility in my workouts. See what I did there with the flexibility?

I’d be lying if I said we didn’t like being strong. But more than using fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle which enables to love and serve others. Also, more than just being strong we absolutely love doing things that push the levels of our strength. What things you ask? Well I love every form of plyometrics, combat training and most gymnastic movements. Ashley loves climbing and so does Tim. Naomi loves circuit training and Maria loves dance and coordination fitness. There’s strength in density not in vanity, what good are those muscles if you can’t use them to have fun, serve, love, and help?

At LFA we sharpen each other as well as compete with one another on all these forms of fitness. Pushing one another has helped us motivate our clients more effectively and with more variety than most gyms. We have a good time making fun of fitness!