What is LFA about?
We are about the whole person. Our job is to strengthen the body to help the individual be the best they can be. No matter what the obstacle is, we want to equip you, primarily through fitness and nutrition, to make an educated decision for you, for your family, and for the community.

Why is LFA here?
Life Fitness Academy was formed out of the need to fill two major deficiencies in the fitness industry:
1) Nutrition education.
2) Structural muscle strengthening and injury prevention/rehabilitation.

These two things have been long overlooked due to misunderstanding of food, poor food guidance (think food pyramid) the lack of shared information between doctors and nutritionist, nutritionists to personal trainers and personal trainers to clients, and the industrialization of food. One could say the same about structural muscle strengthening and how injury prevention through proper muscle development has become taboo or considered only clinical.

How is LFA better?
LFA continually focuses on building structural sound bodies, preventing injuries, and dealing with root causes. We continually test and re-test ideas and knowledge on ourselves and within our community. We focus on and promote farm first, beyond organic, nutrient-dense food. We seek out and learn from mentors, doctors, and affiliates to create a community with a broad based of knowledge where everyone can sharpen and be sharpened.

Will I fit in?
Yes, but not because we need your money—because we want to see the real you. We believe in density over vanity—and vanity is not just a deficiency and danger in the fitness industry, it is in every human heart. With all the articles, TV shows, print ads and magazines telling you that “the better you look the more people will like you” it’s easy to see why people feel like they never measure up or feel unloved, unworthy, depressed and just plain tired.

We believe you are MORE!
More than your reflection
More than a six pack
More than a relationship
More than a career
You were created to be more than just a body filling a void in this world. We believe that and want you to feel that way after leaving here. We are all in this together and we are all alike even though we are at different places in our journey.

What is LFA’s vision?
What does this mean for our industry? We feel as though we are the fitness industry’s underdog coming through to change the way fitness is portrayed by helping people to see their value. How great would it be to enter a gym and not be sized up, intimidated, guilted, or injured while there? We desire and strive to be that gym. We desire to connect with real relationships and want our clients to walk out feeling better than before, empowered to do more and know how to eat in the best way to free up your body to heal. We want to help people heal the body in every way from it’s imbalances, impurities, deficiencies, and inflammation. We think that would be great and if you do to, well then welcome to Life Fitness Academy!



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