The holiday season continues and so does the challenge of eating well and staying healthy with the onslaught of holiday parties and family gatherings. As you probably know, at Life Fitness Academy we love tree foods. Food that comes from perennial plants such as trees is ideal because it has the right form of minerals (plant as opposed to rock) and because the root systems are more developed, the minerals are a better size (angstrom). So by consuming tree foods, you get food that is extremely easy to digest, hydrating, and has nutrients that are highly bioavailable.

For this month’s nutrition challenge we want to challenge you to simply eat 2-3 pieces of fruit before every meal (or as your meal) for one week. Maybe you want to pick the week before Christmas (this week), the week of, or the week after, whatever you decide, commit to the challenge and let us know how it goes! Have a question? Contact us.

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