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November 14, 2021 | Body Care, Learning, Nutrition | 0 comments | Author:

It’s that time of year again, which means that the holidays are fast approaching. So it’s the perfect time for a juice fast-but this time it’s personal! (Sorry, shameless movie quote). Seriously now, in this fast I’m shooting for 14 days of tasty juice provided by the wonderful people over at The Post East in East Nashville. Their juice is 100% organic and that means a whole lot. Because it’s organic, my juice will be free from pesticides, fertilizers and chemical baths. What good would it be to cleanse my body using juice if the juice itself is full of toxins? No good I tell ya!

My goals for this juice fast are to prove a couple of things to the public and even to myself.
First goal: do it without changing my workouts. The long held belief is that working out while fasting will make your body eat it’s own muscle. Which is factually incorrect. The muscle is the last thing that the body will use for fuel.
Second goal: Restore my energy. With these long days and tough workouts my body is just toasted at the end of a 12-hour workday.
Third goal: Prove to my male clientele that fasting isn’t just for women and vegetarians. You can live without meat!
Fourth goal: While getting my body re-energized I’m also looking to reduce my bodyfat (16%) and lose some of this “extra” weight that I’ve gained by not paying attention to how much food I’m eating, what time I’m eating it, and how much beer I choose to drink with my food. I currently weigh 198 at 6’1’’, which, if I’m honest, looks just fine on my body. That aside, I feel slower and heavier with less mental sharpness. That’s about to change.

I’m also using juices that have a good bit of citrus juice in them. Citrus is highly cleansing and provides the necessary energy I need as well as high levels of vitamin c. I’m a very tattooed dude, so heavy metals are in the ink and I know this, which is another reason that cleansing can aid my blood stream in removing metals and other toxins. That is why I choose to live a life of detoxification. For that reason and the fact that the body is designed to heal and it often lacks the nutrients, energy, or empowerment to do so. In drinking juices from a nutrient dense source such as organic tree fruits you’ll maximize the healing effects of the body and do it with minimal energy expenditure by minimizing digestion.

Stay tuned for a progress report. Currently I’m on day 4.



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