At Life Fitness Academy we are careful about choosing supplements and natural healing remedies. We don’t always get it right, but we find that the majority of supplements on the market are junk, full of synthetic isolates, fillers, binders, and artificial ingredients.

When it comes to essential oils we know there are several companies with high quality products and one that we recommend and sell is Doterra. So how do Doterra’s supplements stack up? Here are some thoughts:

1. xEO MEGA Essential Oil Omega Complex – We don’t care for the fact that it has carrageenan (thickener with potential to cause stomach lesions) or maltitol (sugar alcohol). We also don’t ever recommend eating squid (calamari) or products from squid as they are full of parasites and cleaners of the ocean (even if the oil is processed for purity). While it mostly has high quality ingredients, we don’t recommend it as a primary way to get omegas. If there was a great need for animal based omega’s we would first lean towards an Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil or Fermented Cod Liver Oil. We do like that it uses essential oils to protect the oil from going rancid as fish oil can go rancid easily. Recommend: NO

2. vEO MEGA Essential Oil Omega Complex – We like this blend of plant based essential fatty acids. It contains some powerhouse oils such as Inca Inchi, Flaxseed oil, Pomegranate oil, and Pumpkinseed oil. Because many of these can go rancid easily, the carotenoids and essential oil blend is vitally important to maintain the freshness of the oils. So we give it two thumbs up–we recommend this! Recommend: YES

3. MICROPLEX MVp Food Nutrient Complex – While we are glad that it is in a whole food base and that it contains some chelated minerals which do enhance bioavailability—the bioavailability is not near as much as whole food and it still starts with a synthetic and/or inorganic rock mineral or vitamin. We would prefer bacteria cultivation supplements over this and we would primarily recommend whole or extracted herbs or a complete whole food supplement such as Kind Organics. An example of herb use might be: yellow dock for iron, oatstraw for calc/mag, chervil or cardamom for zinc, etc). Recommend: NO

4. ALPHA CRS+ Cellular Vitality Complex – We like that it mostly has an herbal focus and are ok with its cellular energy blend. We would recommend this if a person is looking for longevity, energy, and vitality. However, we should note that there are other high quality products that might be a better fit, such as Cell Fuzion by Global Healing Center. Recommend: YES

Those are our quick thoughts on Doterra Supplements. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Since this review, Doterra has updated the LLV formula and in the comments below we reviewed these again. Here are some quick thoughts on the updated formula:

Alpha CRS+ – We still like this formula and would recommend it along with others such as Cell Fuzion.

Microplex VMz – This looks to be a good improvement by using the glycoprotein matrix (yeast) to metabolize the nutrients to provide cofactors) and as long as someone is not sensitive to yeast this can be a decent option. We still always recommend whole herbs and/or complete whole food forms, but we could recommend this version depending on the person.

xEO Mega – We don’t care for the maltitol and carrageenan, but it is great that the marine oils are now from clean fish such as anchovy, sardines, and mackerel instead of squid. Let’s say, without the carageenan we would recommend this.

vEO Mega – Just as the earlier review, we still like this and would recommend it as a great plant based, anti-inflammatory oil blend.

It looks like Doterra has done a good job of updating their formulas and we hope they continue to tweak and improve them even more!


  1. You say squid are bottom feeders and you don’t recommend it. Yet you recommend a bottom feeder fish – which is what cod is – from the same geographic area as the squid?

    I don’t see any logic in this.

    Also as I look at the ingredient listing on the MvP what is the synthetic ingredient that you speak of. I’m seeing kale.


  2. Hi Jeanne, cod is not strictly a bottom feeder and eats several other species of fish and more importantly does not contain toxic substances in its body, as opposed to your example squid which contains toxic ink to humans. The idea of eating fish with fins and scales protects people from poisonous and toxic creatures in the sea.

    Also, the comment about synthetics is in regard to the vitamins and minerals the product contains. If you do any research on supplements you will soon realize that vitamins and minerals themselves are synthesized in a lab and are not the same form as found in nature with all the cofactors. Thus I said the next step up would be bacteria metabolized synthetics and then better than that would be completely whole food form as per my examples. So that calcium is inorganic rock calcium and not plant calcium and that “vitamin c” or ascorbic acid is not true vitamin c as found in nature (most comes from GMO corn).

  3. So since 2 out of the 3 bottles of the DoTerra vitamins you don’t recommend, is there a vitamin for women you can recommend? Thanks

  4. Hi Lana,
    Yes, in the article I mentioned the Kind Organics for Women that I recommend.

  5. Love the informed breakdown here, thanks. I came here via Google in search of what in the LLV supplements gives me so much more energy so that I might try to get more from whole foods. However, I like the alternatives offered here. If a person wanted away from the LLV package, would your recommended alternatives be equivalent or would you add anything else?

  6. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for visiting, and you are welcome! Energy loss or gain can come from so many factors that it is difficult to say without further discussion and troubleshooting. It might be the specific cellular antioxidants in Alpha CRS+ (which we like) and in which case Cell Fuzion should do the same or better. Or if you have a nutrient deficiency the micronutrient complex might be helping with that in which case the Kind Organic Multi should do the trick as well. As far as adding something else, I would start with those suggestions and then consider a nascent iodine (we like Global Healing Center Detoxadine) or an herbal adrenal blend.
    Hope that helps!

  7. I am currently taking Rainbow Light Active Adult 50+. A friend wants me to start the doTERRA vitamins, but I tend to have trouble with burping so I am skeptical. Is the vitamin I am currently taking okay or should I make the switch to Kind Organics for women. I am 57 yrs. old.

  8. Hi Renee,
    I don’t care for the minerals that are used in Rainbow Light because they are not whole food forms, poor chelates, or elemental minerals. I like the whole food base that is there, but that can be deceiving in that the vitamins and minerals are not whole food form. So yes, I like the Kind Organics better for a multi and if I had to choose between the Rainbow Light and Doterra, I would pick Doterra.

    Hope that helps!

  9. Just wanted to say thank you for the info! I love doTerra oils, but I’m always the skeptic, and know that just because a company has one excellent product doesn’t mean others aren’t as good. I appreciate your balanced info and recommendations. I’m going to give the Kind Organics a try and maybe doTerra’s microPlex. Thanks again!

  10. I am 46 and my husband is 62 I want to buy a multivitamin that we can both take at a affordable price. We have been getting the Doterra Vitality pack but after reading your reviews I may consider getting the VEO and Alpha CRS only. What would you recommend for he and I? The Kind Organics was for women. Thank you,


  11. Hi Kara,
    For the most part we like juice plus+ since it is mostly whole food (fruits and veggies). It does have anti-caking agents like silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate that we do not care for and some of the blends have synthetic nutrients added to the whole foods (folic acid for example).

  12. Thank you for the review. I am currently looking for some good vitamins for my 3 kids. What are your thoughts about Juice Plus?

  13. Hi Bianca,
    For kids, if they are not getting enough sunshine and vitamin a then I recommend the Rosita Cod Liver Oil. For a good multivitamin that is whole foods I recommend MegaFood Kids One Daily or Booster powder. Hope that helps!

  14. Hello there. What kind of research of vitamins do you do to know that the ingredients you don’t like are actually something that should be avoided? Lately there seems to be a lot of articles giving opinions on health and wellness rather than facts. I would be disheartened to see people stop taking great supplements because of an opinion.

  15. Hi Daniah,
    How do you know that you know? What is your epistemology? Everyone is giving opinions many of which are based on faulty “facts”. I research medical journals, scientific journals, history, books and articles by health advocates and compare and contrast to discern an opinion. Unfortunately too many people only look to one source, for example, many times science is so far behind reality that it hurts many people (saturated fats previously being thought of as harmful is a good example). Truth has a ring to it and I only seek to share my opinion in as much harmony with the truth as possible. I am a nobody, but I listen to nobodys who have the ring of truth to them. So feel free to disregard my opinion if it is not helpful to you.

  16. Hi Heather,
    I like a lot of them and am not too keen on others, so just as with any company they need to be evaluated product by product. Just like Doterra, I think some of the products are better than others. Is there a specific product you are curious about with It Works?

  17. Hi Bernice,
    I don’t care for them. I have only looked at the mineral and vitamin (anti-oxidant) products but they had synthetics and poor forms of the nutrients in my opinion.

  18. I noticed that doTerra has updated their formulas for 2016. Could you comment on the updated formulas? Also,what do you think of doTerra’s new MicroPLEX VMz?
    Thank you!

  19. Hi Nita,
    If you could include a link to the updated formulas ingredient list I would be glad to comment on the formulas. They don’t make it easy to see the ingredients on their website (or maybe I am missing it).

    From what I can see about the VMz it looks like a good step forward. It still has chelated minerals (which I mentioned above about MVp) but again it has a whole food base blend and the rest of the ingredients from what I can see look pretty good.

  20. Appreciate your review. Per the last comment dated 11/30/16 and your response, here are the links to the product information pages. You can find the “Supplement Facts” at the end of each:

    Lifelong Vitality Pack

    Alpha CRS®+

    Microplex VMz®

    xEO Mega® (Note: still contains Maltitol and Carrageenan)

    vEO Mega®

  21. Hi T,
    Thanks for the links. After reviewing the updated formulas, here are some thoughts:

    Alpha CRS+ – We still like this formula and would recommend it along with others such as Cell Fuzion.

    Microplex VMz – This looks to be a good improvement by using the glycoprotein matrix (yeast) to metabolize the nutrients to provide cofactors) and as long as someone is not sensitive to yeast this can be a decent option. We still always recommend whole herbs and/or complete whole food forms, but we could recommend this version depending on the person.

    xEO Mega – We don’t care for the maltitol and carrageenan, but it is great that the marine oils are now from clean fish such as anchovy, sardines, and mackerel instead of squid. Let’s say, without the carageenan we would recommend this.

    vEO Mega – Just as the earlier review, we still like this and would recommend it as a great plant based, anti-inflammatory oil blend.

    It looks like Doterra has done a good job of updating their formulas and we hope they continue to tweak and improve them even more!

    – Tim

  22. I have been taking doTerra vitamin pack of 3 bottles. VMz, Alpha CRSplus and EO mega. I will be starting a new medication next week and have to watch my vitamin K intake. It looks like there is some vitamin K in the VMz vitamins, but I cannot tell if there is any in the other bottles. Do you have that information? What would you recommend? I am 77 years old. Thank you for your help. JoAnn

  23. You mention in a comment above something about an herbal adrenal blend. Which would you suggest for underactive adrenals? Thank you for your thoughtful responses! I’ve gained a lot of useful information.

  24. Is there another brand of Omega that is comparable to the doTerra vEO Mega that is not quite as expensive?

  25. Hi Stephanie,
    For underactive adrenals I would recommend something similar to: Female Fuzion (for women) or Androtrex (for men), Detoxadine, and Vitamin C (such as alive vitamin c, mykind vitamin c, etc). Herbs such as ashwaganda, rhodiola rosea, schizandra berry, maca, are great for the adrenals and typically can be found as part of adrenal blends from herbal companys. Cleaning up the diet, removing toxins such as chemicals, pesticides, metals, and harmful organisms is also necessary when healing.

  26. Hi Chris, they have a pretty unique product with vEO Mega. To save money you could go with something like Vega Antioxidant oil blend as you get a lot more for cheaper (taking by the spoonful). That is a high quality plant based essential fatty acids oil and it has some great antioxidant oils as well, but not as many as vEO Mega. Or for just the essential fatty acids, UDO’s is good, too.

  27. Hi Sherry,
    What are you referring to? A certain doterra product or another product mentioned here, or just yeast in general?

  28. Hi, thank you for this article and objective review. It has been very helpful.
    You mentioned cod liver oil in a previous comment, was there some controversy recently about cod liver oil found being rancid and not able to deliver on the benefits some people claimed it could? I apologize, it was a year or so ago and I thought I would ask because you seem versed in supplements.
    Also what do you think about doterra’s mito2 max for adrenals? it has ashwaganda among other herbal supplements included.

  29. Hi Mae,
    Thanks for your comment.

    As to the cod liver oil it really depends on the company. I think a source like mentioned above (Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil) is excellent and is not rancid in the processing and is also preserved with essential oil. However I should say, even though certain brands are “fermented” in that they are allowed to go rancid, many of the nutrients are preserved despite what some claim and this can be seen very easily with anyone who has tested these products with clients who have dental issues. In fact, it is pretty stark how much of a difference cod liver oil makes with dental cavities when taken in sufficient quantities.

    As to the Doterra Mito2 Max I think it is a good product for cellular energy, not necessarily for adrenals although it will help them, too (they contain cells, ha!). It has a nice blend of plants, root, mushroom and the CoQ10/alpha lipoic acid can really help cells function more efficiently. Overall I think it is pretty good. Hope that helps!

  30. Hi

    Your opinion of Mega Food Multi for Women 55+. I’m 63.
    Country Life Chelated Magnesium (250 mg) twice a day. (leg cramps)
    New Chapter Bone strength vs. Doterra bone Nutrient

    Thank you and I enjoy your posts and opinions

  31. Hi Diane,

    1. I think the MegaFood is a decent option–as I mentioned in the post above, yeast or bacteria cultivated nutrients in my opinion are better than the straight elemental forms. However I think a complete whole food form is better (as stated above).
    2. Chelated Magnesium seems to be better absorbed, but I think transdermal Magnesium is best–such as Ancient Minerals (spray or bath salts)
    3. Haven’t looked at those.

  32. Hi, I’ve just started taking doTerra’s Lifelong Vitality Pack. I have been drinking Univera’s Xtra for several years. Do you have any guidance as to whether I should continue the Xtra, or do you think I’ll get just as much – or more – benefit from switching to the Lifelong Vitality Pack? Many thanks for any suggestions.

  33. Thanks for the reply back. I didn’t know about taking cod liver oil for dental issues. This is awesome! I will start taking it per the recommendation. Thank you.
    I hear what you are saying too about some people taking information out of context or highlighting the negatives of certain “health food”. When I was pregnant years ago, we were told by mainstream obstetricians that I should keep seafood intake at a minimum because of mercury etc. While this true depending on what seafood you eat, one should’t “throw the baby out with the bathwater”. Just by doing my research I concluded the benefits far outweighed the risks. Unfortunately some people do not research further and potential miss out.

  34. Hi Linda,
    I think Univera’s Xtra has great main ingredients, but I wouldn’t use or recommend a product that has sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, or sucralose. So, personally, I would definitely switch to Doterra’s lifelong vitality pack or add other products with similar ingredients.

    Hi again Mae,
    That’s great–you are welcome! Yep, you get it!

  35. Hi there, thank you for this review, it was very helpful. What are your thoughts on Doterra’s supplements for kids? a2Z chewables and and the IQ Mega? Thanks again!

  36. I really like the a2z chewable. It is in a whole food base and uses much better forms of minerals (chelated) and vitamins than most supplements. For example the Vitamin C is a whole food form and the b12 is the correct form (methylcobalamin as opposed to cynacobalamin).

    I like the IQ Mega as well (and would recommend it). I am not sure what their process is for the fish oil and that is important and would be worth looking into further (as I noted above I really like Rosita cod liver oil as it has minimal processing using old world techniques). I like that it comes from anchovies, sardines, herring and mackerel as those are smaller game fish that typically have less heavy metals and toxins in their flesh (and oil).

    Hope that helps!

  37. Hi Shawna,

    As you know I have detailed up what I think up the LLV. After reviewing the Amway PerfectPack I would not recommend it.

    The PerfectPack uses synthetic forms of folate (folic acid) & b12 (should be methylcobalamin not cyanocobalamin) and inorganic rock minerals (calcium carbonate) which are not assimilated and can accumulate in the body. The pack does have some better forms (chelated) mixed in and I like that it contains plant extracts & fruit powders–but it is just not near as high quality as what Doterra has.

    Also, I do not like the fish oil supplement in the pack. It contains highly refined fish oils and also has soybean oil in the other ingredients. In addition all the products contain too many filler ingredients which are not helpful (ie silicon dioxide, carnauba wax, maltodextrin, etc) and these things add up day after day.

    Hope that helps!

  38. I have just read questions and answers. Appreciate your knowledge. Going to buy Kind Organics for Women today.

  39. Hey LFATIM,
    I am wondering due to the reformulization of Doterra’s LLV and your more recent comments on this change dont you think it would be more accurate for your readers if you updated your above review to accurately reflect your current view of the LLV.
    For a mom like me looking for quick reviews I usually don’t have time to read through all of the comments. I am glad I did this time.

  40. I am currently taking plexus products which I like but the 300 dollars per month is too much. I am thinking of switching to Doterra products what are your thoughts on plexusvs foyers, thank you, Carole noyed

  41. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for your comment. I have added the thoughts about the updated formula to the post above.

  42. Hi Carole,
    I haven’t reviewed Plexus in depth, but that is mainly because the few products I saw were, in my opinion, not worth bothering with and there are many other companies making similar types of products with better quality. So yes, in short, I would recommend doterra over plexus.

  43. I’ve been taking Doterra llv for almost 4 years. I started plexus almost a year ago. I love the biocleanse and probio5. Mainly for digestive. Slim and X factor, I’m not so sure about but X factor is cheaper than llv. Can you give your input please? Thank you.

  44. Hi Carla,
    See point #3 above. While plexus x-factor has some better forms of the vitamins (methylcobalamin, folate, etc) it is still not as good a as whole food form such as Kind Organics (mentioned above). I think the Slim is a decent product (mainly plant extracts).

  45. Hi There, Thank you for the review of Doterra products. Can you please share what your opinion of Slim & Sassy® V Shake is? The add claims that it is hypoallergenic, but it contains corn fiber. I’m not sure if that would trigger a corn allergy or not. Also, would there be a risk of d-limonene allergy with the citrus fiber? Also worried, because I’ve read many times that those who are allergic to wheat tend to also be allergic to amaranth. Seems high in carbs and low in protein also. Still, I’m tempted to try it because I’m looking for a way to loose weight while building up my LRP’s. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration. //media.doterra.com/sg-otg/en/pips/doterra-v-shake.pdf

  46. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I’ve obtained so much info just from your comments.

    I am vegan and wondering what type of supplements you suggest I take? And also what brands? Thank you!

    (PS- If I could take rosetas cod liver oil and all its perfection I would ?)

  47. Hi Angie,
    The product looks ok, but typically we (I or the gym) do not recommend these types of product. We want people to focus on an overall healthy diet and lifestyle and have weightloss be a result of that. I do like ashwagandha a lot, but if I was going to take it I would just use an herbal instead of a part of a product like this. Otherwise, as you mentioned the corn fiber isn’t the best, especially if it is not organic (with the amount of pesticides sprayed on corn) although it does mention it is non-gmo, so that is good. If someone is allergic to many things that usually indicates a leaky gut, and poor internal environment so while avoiding some things is necessary for the short term, the better focus is to heal the gut.

    Hope that helps.

  48. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for your comment! This is not comprehensive, but some off the top of my head that I would recommend would be:
    vitamin b12
    vitamin d
    As noted above, I recommend the myKind Organics as a whole food supplement and that would be great for vegans as well.

    Also, something to be aware of is that because of our current environment and what has been passed down to us, most people have such toxicity that higher amounts of fat soluble vitamins (a,d,e,k) are very helpful. The hardest to get is vitamin a as the best sources are from animals. The body does convert beta-carotene but some vegans can find that they cannot convert enough to deal with the level of toxicity they are facing. After cleansing for years that may change.

    Hope that gives you some things to consider.


  49. I have been taking New Chapter supplements for many years and have been happy with them. Do you recommend them and how do they compare to Kind Organics?

  50. Hi Marianne,
    New Chapter is pretty good and depending on which supplements you are referring to I believe that are bacteria/yeast cultivated nutrients (mentioned above under point #3). So myKind Organics would be a step above since it doesn’t start with a synthetic and is all from foods. New Chapter & Garden of Life Vitamin Code start with a synthetic but then are bacteria/yeast cultivated and as the yeast feed on the synthetic and metabolize it, cofactors are created that help it be absorbed like the natural vitamin/food.

    I hope that makes sense and gives some more insight!

  51. Hi could you tell me what the best thing to take for being tired all the time either supplement dorretta or another product thanks

  52. Hi Lorena,
    I am not going to review all the Plexus supplements as that would need to be another post, but as I mentioned in the comment to Carole above I can tell from a quick overview that I would not recommend them (too many synthetics and inorganic minerals)

  53. Hi Cherrie,
    Thanks for your comment! Some things for energy that I would recommend taking everyday are:
    vitamin b12
    olive leaf
    vitamin d
    As noted above, I recommend the myKind Organics as a whole food supplement. Also, making sure you are regular is extremely important. A great product for the gut that I recommend (especially to protect against glyphosate and other pesticides) is Restore (www. restore4life .com ).

    Hope that helps!

  54. I started the vitality vitamin pack from DoTerra. I am experiencing puffiness in face and body. Why? Has anyone else had this reaction. My skin feels soft and moisturized though.

  55. Because you are so familiar with doTERRA, I wanted to ask you for your opinion on their cleanse. I am talking with a woman who is having fertility issues and wanted to do the cleanse to rid her body of possible candida overgrowth. She is currently taking
    and wanted to discontinue that and replace it with the Lifelong Vitality Pack so she can fully follow the cleanse protocol. I feel like the LLV offers all of what the other one did plus more.
    I would love to know your thoughts on this?
    Thanks so much!

  56. Hi Melissa,
    I am ok with them and think they would be good after antibiotic use or recovery from surgery. However, now I recommend Restore instead of probiotics as it is better to encourage thousands of strains instead of creating a monoculture with 5-50 strains (depending on the probiotic).

  57. Hi Morgan,
    I wouldn’t recommend Melalueca as they contain too many synthetic with no whole food base. Synthetic forms of b12 and folic acid are definitely not recommended.

  58. Hi Sarah,
    Yes, after a quick look, I would definitely recommend LLV over the Theralogix. The oils in Doterra’s product will greatly help with candida and Theralogix contains too many synthetics (ie cyanocobalamin for b12) without a whole food base or plant base.

    For fertitilty there are many things to consider, a few would be:

    1. Do as thorough a heavy metal cleanse before as possible (this is interconnected with candida)
    2. Use a whole food prenatal (such as myKind Organics mentioned above)
    3. Take organic raw Maca Root before and during pregnancy (2-6 TBS daily)
    4. Systemic enzymes to help bloodflow and prevent scarring (especially if one has endometriosis)
    5. Plenty of fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) – grassfed raw k2 dairy, cod liver oil, bone broth
    6. Consider Restore and Asea (redox supplements)

    That’s where I would start–hope that helps!

  59. Hello!
    I appreciate you review on doTERRA’s LLV Supplements!! I started taking them 5 years ago during a horrible flare up of my ulcerative colitis,(which I have had since the age of ten) The specialist I went to told me my only hope was surgery or a intravenous medication that I would have to be on the rest of my life. My Sister sent me the doTERRA’s LLV and a couple oils, Basil and Helichrysum… the day I started taking them I felt different. I am telling you this because in all of my 54 years of life even as a baby my Dear Mother gave us vitamins. I have taken anything and everything for my condition. I am happy to report I am prescription free and taking doTERRA’s LLV along with the TerraZyme and PB Assist when needed. They are the loves of my life. Since taking them I have NEVER experienced another flare up Ulcerative Colitis. Their whole line is amazing! I use it from head to toe and I encourage everyone I know to do the same. There is no life like a doTERRA life. The Company stands for universal hope and life to me. I Love my doTERRA Life! Just wanted to share.
    Again Thank You your review, it made my day!

  60. Hi Kerri,
    I do not recommend Shaklee as I think they have too many synthetics and inorganic ingredients. They do have a lot of products though so maybe they have some that are more whole food/plant based that I haven’t seen.

  61. Hi Sarah,
    The overall quality looks good and I like the whole food focus and blends they have, so I could recommend the vitamin mineral, natural vitality, and female+ B.

    As far as the digestion and flora, I think those could be good short term help, but I highly recommend a product such as Restore long term instead (probiotics only encourage a monoculture of a few strains (maybe 5-100) when we need thousands).

    Hope that helps!

  62. I have quite a few products from //www.stopagingnow.com. Max-B12, OceanPure, AcidRelief360, PurBiotic, Vision360, Immunity Defense, SynergySlim, and SynergyGreens. What do you think about the products? Please let me know, there is a 365 money back guarantee. I am 74 years old and in pretty good health. I am going to try the my kind Organic Women’s 40+ vitamins that you recommended and Restore. Thank you so much for your help.

  63. I just wanted thank you keeping this thread updated. I wish I had found this before starting the Doterra Vitality Complex last week. I am not disappointed with my choice according to the information you provided but I will be trying the Kind Organics in place of the Microplex. I have relied on my limited ability to understand what I am researching, 20 yrs as an xray tech, a microbio course, a physiology course and the opinions and research of others to find alternatives to medication for lupus. I went from ten years on prednisone, anti-rejection meds and a list of meds for pain, neuropathy and side effects to 5 years of being med free using doterra oils, having conscious healthy eating habits and smart exercise. But, I am now in my late 40’s and those lupus symptoms are trying to creeping back so I wanted to revamp my vitamin/mineral supplements. Something I should have looked into years ago, but now is the time. Thank you again for your direction and unbias opinions.

  64. Hi Mari,
    You are welcome. I am glad to hear that you have been able to find great relief with natural methods and hope that you will beat away those returning symptoms. For lupus I always recommend treating parasites and heavy metals as well as good nutritional supplements!


  65. Hi Rebecca,
    I am not able to do a full review of their products, but they look pretty good. Just make sure you avoid too many synthetic vitamins and minerals (so instead of saying ascorbic acid, pyroxidine, iron, calcium, etc, it would have blends of whole foods, fruits & vegetables). It is good to see that the synergy greens has a lot of whole foods in it, but watch out for some of the others.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  66. Hi Tammy,
    I don’t care for either of those personally. I don’t prefer to use animal extracts unless necessary, although I am glad to see they use bovine instead of porcine. Also, for omega oils I do not recommend tuna because of the toxicity of the larger game fish like tuna. It is much better to use the smaller game fish like sardines and herring. So I prefer Doterra to these two SP products.

  67. Hello, could you please recommend supplements for someone with low thyroid function. Thank you

  68. Hi Colette,
    Some general things I would recommend for the thyroid are:
    1. Detoxadine (nascent iodine) in order to help remove synthetic estrogens, halogens, and heavy metals from the thyroid.
    2. Do heavy metal cleanses
    3. Do parasite cleanses
    4. Foodwise: a) cut out everything artificial, all pesticides, and processed foods b) eat plenty of healthy fats such as coconut oil, grassfed butter or ghee, avocados, and olive oil, c) add barley grass, hawaiian spirulina, atlantic dulse, blueberries, and cilantro into the everyday routine if possible
    5. support other glandular systems (adrenals, pituitary, hypothalamus, etc) – I recommend using herbs such as: ashwagandtha, tulsi, rhodiola rosea, ginseng, and others that you research)

    Those are some quick thoughts–hope that helps!

  69. Would you recommend taking the Plexus Slim along with doTerra’s LLV pack? Or just LLV pack? I have heard Plexus is also good for anxiety and depression and helps just overall. I currently take the LLV pack but only take 2 doses instead of the recommended 4 doses a day. Just trying to decide if it is worth adding the Plexus Slim? Thanks

  70. Hi, I’ve just received a free pack of the LLV supplements and so I’m researching before I start taking them. You mentioned carageenan in xEO Mega, but I can’t see that on the list of ingredients on the packaging…does this mean it is no longer included, or is it not used in the Australian version of the supplement? I’m not even sure what carageenan is…what are the risks associated with it please, or why would you recommend against it? Thanks for your help.

  71. Hi,
    I have trouble swallowing tablets, is there a chewable daily supplement that you would recommend?? It would be awesome if you could. Thank you

  72. I am looking to have surgery for hip replacement. I wondered which essential oils(I use doTerra) I should avoid due to blood clotting inhibiting. I have narrowed this list to avoid Basil(Linalool), Wintergreen and Birch(both Methylsalicylates), all the phenols, Cinnamon and Cassia(both Cinnamaldehydes), Fennel(Anethole) and Marjoram(Terpinen-4-ol)[is Melaleuca ok here since it is in this same category?] Most of the Sesquiterpenes seem alright prior to surgery though I plan on doing more research. Of course I would avoid Ginger even though it is a Sesquiterpene.

    As well, since I won’t be able to continue the LLV 10 days prior to surgery(due to the doctor’s orders) I was hoping to find a way to encourage my body to reject infections. I’ve never done well with doctor prescribed “medicines.” They have always created unexpected symptomatic problems for me since I was a child. I had thought to take Melaleuca internally prior to surgery but I’m not sure as mentioned above.
    Whatever I do, it will be with my doctors understanding that I’m doing it. I’m trying to prepare something to bring to him that is realistic in a request from me but still helps me avoid as many drugs as possible. I don’t want to make things worse because he’s unaware of the oils efficacy. This way he can know, and so can I, the interactions of drugs and EOs that are being put into my body before surgery.

  73. Hi there, I would like to know which is better for children when comparing juice plus or doterra children’s supplements (I think it is the a2z vitamin that would compare with juice plus)? Thank you!

  74. I’m impressed with how responsive you are to your commenters and appreciate the time, humility, and knowledge you put into your posts. Thank you for your services in this regard.

    Wondering if you know of Innate Response (now sold through Emmerson Ecologics) and how their products stack up? For example, compared to the Garden of Life &/or Doterra multivitamin.
    I love that I can pass on my practitioner discounts to my patient-students through Emmerson.

    Do you find that Doterra (and other MLMs) have a higher markup for their products and that for the most part you can get the same or better quality at better prices for most things? This has been my experience for sure with the EOs, and I’m pretty sure it is the case with the supplements as well. But I have not put in the time you have to research in this regard and am glad I found someone who has, and is sharing as you are in this format!

  75. Hi there, I am about to start taking LLV and I’m glad I stumbled upon this post! How would we know there was carrageenan in a product? And in this case, xEO Mega EO complex.

  76. I’m 58 and have been using doTerra LLV for about 2 years and definitely feel better since starting them. I always wonder if this is the best or is there a better alternative currently?

  77. What about interaction with Doterra and antidepressant like Prozac. I’ve taken it for 5 years but I need a good vitamin I started these but I’m concerned because I don’t know how it effects my anxiety and depression medicine? Safe or not?

  78. Just curious if you have come across any info on the affect of doterra vitality pack on the liver? I started the 3 early June, my blood work showed my alt and ast were elevated end of July. Blood work November elevated more. I see my doctor in 2 weeks. I can’t think of anything else I’ve changed.

  79. Hi
    Do you know of anyone getting a skin rash, itching burning etc. while taking Doterra vitality pack or there toothpaste?
    I have had a rash since September and that’s when I started the vitality pack.

    Thanks Renee

  80. It appears that our mentor hasn’t been on here responding since back in July, July 11th.
    This saddens me because I am finding so much value in all the amazing knowledge that he or she has… sorry I don’t know weather to put a Mr. or Miss in front of the word Worderful 😉 The name LFATIM isn’t descriptive enough 🙂
    Anyway I would like very much if you would continue your very very helpful blog for us to continue our journey to better health… 🙂 if possible…

    If not life does sometimes rule and dictate what we have time for and I do understand and Thank You for the work u have put into researching some of these products for us and your extensive research on DoTerra (a company that I have been struggling to make a decision with to go ahead and try their supps.) Now I know which ones to try and which ones I’ve decided not to…

  81. Hi. I have atrial fibrilation and was told by my doctor not to take calcium because there is a concern of calcium buildup. I’ve been taking DoTerra Bone Nutrients because I felt they would be okay seeing that it is a natural product. I am allowed to eat yogurt etc.

  82. Hey Everyone,
    Life Fitness Academy has changed its name to Nashville Strength Co. and also has a new web site at //nashvillestrength.co

    I apologize for any inconvenience but I will no longer be updating this comment thread. I would be glad to start a new comment thread or post at the new website. If that is something you are interested in or if you have a question about a supplement, feel free to send a message through the contact form at Nashville Strength and then we can all communicate over there! (//nashvillestrength.co/contact)

  83. Hi
    Wow I love all your information ,I’m wondering what you could tell me in regards to the coq-10? What is the best brand and should everyone be taking this?
    I have extremely high inflammation for the past 13 years and the doctors do not know what the underlying issue is,do u suggest something I can take? And would this be an issue as to why i it’s hard to loose weight no matter what I do? Thanks kindly

  84. How does Dr. Axe’ s vitamins compare to Doterra? Just because they are fermented does that make them better ?

  85. Hello, the carrageenan that doTERRA uses is different than the poligeenan (an ultra-processed form of carrageenan) that has been linked to “bad stuff.” only uses long chain carrageenan molecules. Carrageenan is not a chemical. It’s not an allergen. It’s not a synthetic component. Carrageenan is simply a type of natural fiber extracted from seaweed that is not digested or absorbed by the intestinal tract. It is therefore unable to enter the blood stream by ingestion.
    Therefore I would think that your review of xEO Mega might be different … comments?

  86. Talking of carregeenan- I would recommend seeing if you could contact doTERRA as they have just released a softgel that is carregeenan free and plan to change all their soft gels to that as well in the future. This was released at doTERRA convention 2018

  87. What about Nature’s Sunshine supplements? And has Garden of Life’s supplements changed since being bought by Nestle Co.?

  88. I have read all your comments and if I understand it correctly,
    Garden of Life Multivitamin for Women – Vitamin Code 50 & Wiser Women’s Raw Whole Food Vitamin Supplement with Probiotics, Vegetarian is a good choice. I am 52 years young. Currently I am taking Naturade Plant Based Vegan Smart All-In-One Nutritional Shake. What are your thoughts on the All-In-One Nutritional Shake that I currently take and the comparison to Vitamin Code? Here is a link to see exact product and ingredients.


    Thank you!
    Martha Niblett

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