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At Life Fitness Academy we have heard it all when it comes to clients’ concerns. After years of listening to every type of reason for not training with a certified personal trainer we thought we would help debunk some common excuses. Here we go!

It’s intimidating being around all you fit people.

If this is you, think about those fit people as a library of information on how to get in shape and stay in shape. Our knowledge is your knowledge, just ask us. Don’t assume the trainer or trainers are judgmental or intimidating because of their appearance or ability until you talk with them. At LFA we are for you—we are on your side and want your best. We are busy practicing what we preach and it just so happens that it shows on our physical appearance. Besides, who would want to work with trainer that was out of shape?

I don’t want a trainer because he or she will force me to lift weights.

Well, this may be true of some trainers, but it’s certainly not a concern you need to have if you are coming to LFA. There’s 101 ways to work any given muscle group so just tell us if weights aren’t your thing. Chances are, it’s not our thing either.

I eat right, I just need someone to tell me how to workout.

I hear this one personally about every other day—it’s factually incorrect. As a matter of fact only about 1% of all my clients have ever known how to eat. Why? Well the more you act like you know by saying you don’t need to know, the more you don’t know. That being said there are certain underlying things that everyone should know. While there is a slew of important food information we give, here is a sampling:
1) Eat foods that have been tested over thousands of years-not thousands of science experiments.
2) All sugar is NOT sugar (there is better sugar).
3) Your body needs calories. So stop focusing on counting calories and eating things that are 0 calorie.
4) Eat foods that free your body up to do what it needs to do. These foods should make you feel great.

I just hate going to the gym [OR] I’m too out of shape to go to the gym.

That’s like saying “I’m too inflexible for yoga”. Well, how do think you get flexible if you don’t go do flexible things like yoga? If you’re too out of shape for the gym then you are too thirsty for water. Worry more about surrounding yourself with a community that is going where you want to go. You have to change how you think and what you are doing to change where you are going.

There will be more to come, but if any of these reasons for not meeting with a personal trainer have come from your lips. Then it’s time to come see us here at Life Fitness Academy. It’s a family, you’re always welcome!



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