Yoga at LFA

We have new yoga classes starting next week at Life Fitness Academy–Tuesday (10/14/14) and Thursday at 4:30pm. Here is a little bit from our new yoga instructor, Lauren Brown:

“I walked into my first yoga class expecting a class full of glorified stretching and oms. I walked out exhausted and energized at the same time, and finding a peace that I had never before experienced. As a grad student in a counseling program, we tell clients to use breathing exercises, knowing it is quite trying to see this therapy through without extreme boredom. I just had an hour and a half breathing exercise and finally tasted my own medicine, and it was sweet and life changing. I continued my yoga path through teacher training, gaining a love for the hot 26 series and refining my style and vision for my vinyasa practice. I am humbled every time I come to my mat, but also amazed at what my body can do. Yoga makes me feel like a kid again, learning how to push the limits, fall, laugh, and pick yourself up again.”

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