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Here at Life Fitness Academy we thrive in a fast-paced fitness industry. Everyone’s quick to introduce a new fitness app or get ripped quick diet or supplement. If you know anything about us you know that we prefer consistency over a longer amount of time. Things that have proven themselves to stand the test of time like lacto-fermented cultured foods, raw grass-fed dairy, and other nutrient dense foods regardless of counting calories. Just like we enjoy time-tested foods, we also know and love exercises that have stood the test of time. This is true in isometrics, resistance training, Hiit, and more recently calisthenics movements.

Calisthenics are basically advanced isometric holds, hand balancing, and body-weight movements. Calisthenics are where the fitness industry is going in our opinion. Well I guess you could say, going back to, ha! You see, calisthenics is something athletes would travel and do for show in events coined “feats of strength” long before there were meatheads and muscle milk. These were working class men who enjoyed physical fitness and showing off there skills. Pre-great depression these movements became quite popular and a few men even capitalized on the market and were quite successful in promoting their fitness through the Great Depression.

Why the history lesson? Well it’s primarily because I love these gymnastic style movements and exercises. It’s something the fitness industry needs in my opinion. More moving and less flexing, more peer to peer instruction and less island to island competition, more form and function less vanity. More real whole foods and less soy protein and creatine. This industry is making little of relationships and more about comparison and we at LFA are over it. Let calisthenics be done in parks and gyms and let the people be free!!



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