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Some of LFA’s Favorite Restaurant Options

September 1, 2021 | Learning, Local, Nutrition | 0 comments | Author:

Are you out there and wondering how to eat healthy in Nashville? Well, you’re in luck! Because I’m going to give you our short list of favorite healthy… or healthier… or maybe decent-places-with-healthy-options-list.

This list will be helpful but it is not a pass for your food. Eating at Whole Foods doesn’t sanctify bad food, you still need to read, Read, READ your labels. These places typically have grassfed/pastured meats, organic produce, unrefined sugars, nutrient dense dishes, and avoid artificial chemicals in the foods. Some of them also have foods you should avoid.

Now that those things are clarified, when planning a night out, a lunch meeting or maybe soup for one consider these:

The Jam Coffee House - Our favorite Nashville coffeehouse. The Jam not only features high quality coffee and tea, but it uses ingredients like coconut palm sugar, raw honey, organic sprouted bread, and organic sprouted tortillas. Try the Caramel Like Woa, Happy Tea iced with raw honey, Raw Raw Ooh La La on sprouted bread, and the Good Morning Tacos on sprouted corn tortillas.

Margot - We love the providers that Margot and Marché use. Try the Lettuces with Plums, Swiss Chard and Corn Fritter, or Grilled Ribeye. 

Marché - We recommend the Arugula salad, Roasted Squash and Chickpea Salad, and Baseball Sirloin.

Silly Goose - We recommend Rapp, S.V.S, Short Simple, Scout, and Hustler.

Burger Up - The beef from Burger up usually uses Triple L Ranch (12 South) or Bear Creek Farms (Cool Springs). Both are decent options in that the cattle are raised on pasture without antibiotics or hormones, but they are finished on grain which is not ideal.

Gabby’s Burgers and Fries - They serve grass-finished beef from Gourmet Pasture Beef. Navigate around the bun if possible and opt for sweet potato fries.

Sunflower Cafe - Try The Farmers Market Bowl, the veggie of the day, or Curried Chickpea Salad.

Baja Burrito - Try the barbacoa (it’s from Gourmet Pasture Beef)!

12th South Taproom - We like that they get their beef from Gourmet Pastures, so try the burger (no bun), the ribeye, or the Caesar with ribeye.

Fido Coffee House - We recommend the local burger (best without the bun, but hey), salads, Eggplant Tower.

Capitol Grille - Owning their own farm (Double H) helps! Capitol grille sources much of its produce only miles away from the Hermitage and has a high commitment to clean food. We recommend Offerings from the garden, Farm Salad, Double H Farms beets, Georgia Plantation Quail, and Border Springs Farm Lamb.

The 404 Kitchen - With a strong emphasis on high quality ingredients 404 uses providers like Wedge Oak Farm (pastured meats), Bear Creek Farm (grassfed, but grain-finished beef), Anson Mills, and Bells Bend Farm (organic produce). We recommend the Anson Mills Farro Piccolo Salad, Glendale Farms Chicken Confit Red Bird, Opah, Fluke, and Caponata.

The Wild Cow - There are lots of good options at The Wild Cow. They use non-gmo’s, and organic as much as possible. As you know, LFA does not recommend tofu, however they do have organic tempeh which is one of the best ways to enjoy soy. Try the Sweet Potato & Black Bean Tacos, Beans & Greens over organic quinoa, or the Lentil Bowl.

Husk - We recommend the Melon and Grapes with Kenny Blue, Wedge Oak Chicken, and a Plate of Southern Vegetables.

Sunset Grill - We recommend the Ashley Farms Chicken, Beets and Heat Salad, and Grilled Salmon (ideally the salmon is wild caught).

Thistle Stop Cafe - Try A Fresh Start, Thistle Stop Salad, and Mediterranean Chickpea Salad.

And obviously Whole Foods (avoid the canola oil at the hot bar) and Turnip Truck.

Make sure you apply your knowledge gained at Life Fitness Academy and choose wisely. Not all things are “safe”. The pursuit of the 6 pack starts with the gut.



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