We’re Moving!

You may or may have not heard, but yes the rumor is true–LFA Nashville will be moving to a new location this fall! We are so excited to take this next step in expanding our health and fitness vision. The new facility has more space, giving us the opportunity to grow and work with more people. No more tight parallel parking on the street either folks, because we will have our own parking lot, hooray! The best part is we are only moving a few blocks away to 1210 8th Ave South.

Feel free to drive by and see the “Coming Soon” sign on the front. We could not do this without you and your support. Thank you to all our clients, friends, and family for supporting us and spreading the word about LFA. More details will be coming soon.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

2 Replies to “We’re Moving!”

  1. Excited to see you guys coming to our hood!!! I’m a pastor in the area and would love to tell you about the area and if your looking for places to serve beyond your walls I’d love to help make that happen! Jen Roman is a friend (by the way she is a stud!! Great hire!!) she can vet me to tell you I’m not a crazy psyco!! Haha!! If I can help you network in any way let me know!!! Thanks soooo much choosing our community!!!!!! I think you will see she is a beautiful work in progress!!!

  2. Hi Sean!
    We are excited to be closer to you! We are currently in Edgehill village and wanted to stay in this community. We would love to meet up sometime and hang out for a bit.


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