Essential Oil Series: Peppermint

best personal trainerPeppermint essential oil is another one with multitudes of uses. You’ll recognize it in toothpaste and candy, but it has therapeutic uses as well. You can diffuse it in a room to improve concentration and focus, just by smelling it. Inhaling it can open sinuses, too. Peppermint has a cooling sensation so it helps with discomfort of all types, especially head tension. It can be applied directly to the area of the head that is achy to leave a cool feeling. It can be applied to the bottoms of the feet to help reduce a feeling of hotness. A single drop wiped on the roof of the mouth will freshen your breath like you just brushed your teeth. Apply it to temples to relieve tension and instigate alertness. When applying it to temples, stay near the hairline or it can make your eyes water. It is also helpful to ease the occasional indigestion. Apply it to the stomach to ease discomfort during digestion; inhaling the aroma is enough to ease nausea in most cases. Applying a drop to the back of the neck can keep you cool during hot summer months.

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