Bars Of Steel

Coming February 19th!!

I know you’ve seen some of those crazy bar classes out there like “pure barre” or “Barr fit”. Maybe you’ve seen the bars that are shiny and clad with women in booty shorts trying to get fit. Whatever is out there–Life Fitness Academy is here to do two things: to get you great results and make fun of fitness! With this in mind we have created a unique, men’s fitness class that revolves around the bar, but not like you would think! We are going to make you as strong as we can using the pull-up bar. You will do pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging legs raises, muscle-ups and you will also master the gymnastic rings! We will throw in other surprises for you too in this 45 minutes class.

You must channel your inner tough guy! The class will be held at 6:00am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The time alone will help us separate the men from the boys, the sheep from the goats and the, well… you get the point. This class will be included in your unlimited price of $129 (EFT) for boot camps or drop in for $12! Whatever you do, please prepare yourself for the most fun you can have getting in the best shape of your life (more than you thought possible!). Good times will be had and boys will become men.

Hit us up to RSVP and let us know you are in!

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