Autumn O’Awesomeness

LFA’s Autumn Of Awesomeness!

This fall we will be offering a slew of new things for your exercise enjoyment. We hope you will take advantage of some of them as we continue in our effort to blow the doors off of the typical gym experience. One of the ways we want to do this is with our back to school personal training deal. You can now save a bundle with this PT special–10 holistic personal training sessions with one of our trainers for $100 off! (Normally $650 for 10). Yeah, it’s crazy–and just in time for the school year and the holidays.

What’s included?
– Nutrition education
– At home fitness homework
– Grocery store field trip
– The new “True Definition” ebook
– Smoothies
– A post workout hands on stretch
– Oh yeah!! A great work out!!

We will also be hosting a new nutrition workshop this month: Weight Loss Workshop! Join us as we teach you how you can modify your diet specifically for weight loss. We enjoy teaching you everything we know so that you can be the teacher. This workshop on September 22, 2012 at 12:00pm, will fill up–so RSVP today!

Next on the list is a refined class schedule for all things fitness! We have been asking what you like best as it pertains to your favorite classes and times–well now it’s time for the new schedule. You can see the updated list now by clicking here. Click the arrow to go to the month of September and you can see the updated times for both the fitness class calendar and the training class calendar.

Self Defense training classes will now be held twice a week! Didn’t know we did self defense? Well now you do! Our self defense / anti-rape training classes are CKM based, this means you will learn tactical Israeli martial arts in a practical everyday way. We make the complex chore of learning how to protect yourself understandable with this class. The class will meet twice a week Mondays 6:00pm and Thursdays 6:00pm–buy 12 weeks (24 sessions) for only $550, 6 weeks for $275, or 4 weeks at $190! Pay as you go is also available for $25 a class.

Well that’s a wrap. Feel free to ask any questions and we hope to see you soon!

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