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Why You Should Keep A Food Journal

August 27, 2021 | Learning, Nutrition | 0 comments | Author:

By: Terry Barga

You may have heard us in a past article or on our Facebook page talking about keeping track of your food in a food journal. Well, even if you haven’t heard it from us yet, let me tell you now why we say to keep a journal!

At Life Fitness Academy we put nutrition first. As hollow as that might sound, if you know us you know there is much more to that statement. A lot more! For instance, we believe that the best food comes from a local organic source. It’s not about the “organic” certification, but about the practices in places as it pertains to producing food. We not only believe that-but can back up the importance of this with facts from research as well as personal experience in our lives and the lives of our clients. But it’s more than just organic! It’s beyond organic to understanding food assimilation into the body. Knowing how the growing process can make food even better for you takes it to a whole other level.

Working with farmers that say they only feed their cows grass (and mean it) is real important to us, too. Knowing and eating from a farmer that realizes the importance of the nutrient dense soil makes you feel real good. I mean it all starts with the dirt, right?

So what does this have to do with keeping a food journal? Let me tell you! In the process of bringing in your food journal you learn a lot of things.

Keeping the journal week after week is hard, but consistency will lead to some big pay offs-both with seeing how to replace your favorite foods with the whole food version and with what the scale says.

As we cross out a food and replace it with the better version of it you start to understand why it’s more beneficial for the body to have the better food. Without the understanding of why certain foods are bad for you, then you will only repeat the cycle of weight gain and loss.

People who keep a food journal will be more successful with the overall weight loss process. Studies have shown this time and time again, accountability works.

So, in short: You are far more likely to be successful at your goal of achieving whole health when you are disciplined in keeping a food journal. You will receive the education from your trainer (at least at LFA) to become the teacher yourself. Not only will this education help solidify your success but also in passing it on by teaching your family instead of just defending yourself when they say, “why are you eating that?”



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