True Definition

True Definition: A Holistic Guide to Muscle Sculpting and Internal Health by Terry Barga is now available in the Kindle store for only 99 cents! True Definition is a short ebook that discusses Terry’s experience in being able to obtain greater muscle definition, primarily through nutrition.

The strong focus on nutrition shows Life Fitness Academy’s strong commitment to educating about food and even the importance it plays in getting cut or sculpting muscle. While many people may practice muscle sculpting or fitness without a healthy view of food and nutrition, it is always something to be evaluated first on its foundation. While many different principles may work for fitness, the cells can only be as good as the material that they are provided with–you are what you eat, drink, breath, and think. That is why Terry, and Life Fitness Academy both place such a strong emphasis on these inputs. True Definition is no different and continues this line of thought, and even though it may seem strange to some, it is the necessary starting place.

You can download True Definition for all Kindle varieties, as well as iPhone, and iPad.

True Definition

True Definition: a holistic guide to muscle sculpting and internal health

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