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July 6, 2021 | Learning, Nutrition | 0 comments | Author:

When discussing health and wellness with our clients at Life Fitness Academy, there are a wide variety of backgrounds, conditions, and goals. While everyone may be at a different level of health or wellness, it is wise to consider and be aware of certain factors for one’s health-especially since challenges may come at any time in the future, if they have not already presented themselves. In general we discuss five areas that should be addressed, and within those five areas there are many things to be added and considered.

1. Chiropractic care
Make sure that the central nervous system is working as best as possible and that the spine is in the correct place. Nerves can affect all the systems of the body and many times no pain is felt when nerves are damaged or not communicating correctly. Displacements and misalignments happen all the time with vertebrae and getting these misalignments corrected can greatly aid the body in healing (as well as pain relief). There are many bad doctors of all sorts, and there are many good doctors of all sorts-chiropractors as well as any other physician should not be broad brushed as if they are all bad or all good. Do thorough research to make sure the chiropractor knows what he/she is doing. Talk to us to discuss this further if you have any questions. We work with, and highly recommend Chiropractic Nashville.

2. Dental correction
Dental issues can wreak havoc on the body. Whether it be root canals, mercury fillings, or any metal plating, posts, implants, and crowns-they all can have enough metal ions to cause ongoing harm for as long as they are in the body. When it comes to root canals, they allow bacteria to mutate and become a much more dangerous threat. The root canal will eventually fail or need to be re-sterilized (if that is possible). Possible options are either calcium hydroxide or extraction. For implants, ceramic/non-metallic are best. For more reading consider:
Dr. Mercola
The Center For Natural Dentistry

3. Parasite removal
We all got em. It’s best to deal with them. We help walk clients through the process. Whole food, herbal formulas work best and strengthening the blood which can reach all over the body, since parasites are all over the body, is the best way to address them (not just in the digestive tract).

4. Nutrition
This is a strength of ours. We are all about educating clients on the food they are eating-what is in it, what it does, why it is good or bad for you. This is vitally important, especially as the habit of eating seems to be something we do very very often-and thus the chances for compounding toxicity are much greater.

5. Fitness
Got to have it. Sweat, strengthen, tone-these are all obvious benefits of being active in fitness, but besides detoxifying through sweat and strengthening the body’s muscles, being active increases circulation giving much needed nutrients to different parts of the body through the blood, and it creates chemical reactions in the body which help you feel good and de-stress!

These are five things that we regularly go over. There are numerous other areas within these areas that need to be addressed such as water, sunshine, fasting, skin care, environmental toxins, earthing, and on and on-but these five areas at least provide a framework to start with, and the other things fit in with it.

By: Tim Mallon



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