Life Fitness Academy is now carrying Amasai. Amasai is a cultured milk beverage from Beyond Organic. Before you dismiss it because the word milk was mentioned, hang around and see why this product is different.

Traditionally this fermented milk has been known as amasi or maas–and has been a staple for many in Africa. For traditional societies that have little refrigeration, fermented foods are necessary for preservation. These naturally fermented foods are loaded with excellent probiotics and have been shown to inhibit pathogenic bacteria (or the waste cleaning bacteria).

Regular intake of probiotic rich foods greatly aids in enhancing digestion, increasing assimilation of nutrients, replacing healthy intestinal flora (especially after antibiotics), and protecting from pathogenic bacteria. These probiotic foods which have lactic acid producing bacteria (lactobacillus) are a missing component in much of modern diets–diets which have led to an imbalance of healthy stomach and gut bacteria.

Amasai may contain any number of different strains of healthy bacteria depending on the region and environment in which is it cultured. As Life Fitness Academy is now distributing Amasai from Beyond Organic it contains the following benefits:

1. The milk is from grass-fed (greenfed!) cows. The cows are never fed any grains! Being grass-fed the cows milk has the most nutrients, including CLA and omega-3’s.

2. The milk is whole–never skimmed and always loaded with good, healthy fats and fat soluble vitamins.

3. The milk is cultured with over 30 probiotics. Being rich in this many probiotics makes this drink very easy to digest, even for those who might have lactose intolerance. Also, amasai contains twice as much healthy strains as most kefir.

Amasai comes in three flavors: Plain, Milk and Honey, and Raspberry.

Life Fitness Academy is an independent marketer of Beyond Organic products. Come into the gym to try some products or contact us with any questions you may have or to order products on a regular basis.

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