Better Bodies Workshop

In our effort to keep fitness interesting–as well as get you the best results in town, we are introducing a new class: Better Bodies Workshop! This is a cross between a nutrition/weight loss workshop and “boot camp” style fitness. Bringing the 2 together will ensure the best results you can get anywhere, hands down.

We are going to take our fitness up a notch while delivering solid, reliable nutrition education. Better Bodies Workshop will work side by side with our already in progress boot camps with one day a week dedicated to nutrition. In addition, we will be adding new class times for everyone. Better Bodies Workshop will track your results once a week as well as give you homework based upon your nutrition education.

Better Bodies Workshop will begin on January 9, 2012, with new times for boot camp that will fit your schedule… dare I say better! Let us know if you would like more information or if you would like to sign up before the new year and receive the end of the year discount that includes a discount smoothie card! It will be a renewable six week commitment and is geared to be at least three days a week.

Times are:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8:00am
Tuesday, Thursday at 7:00am and Saturday at 8:00am

Price: $15/class
Term: 6 weeks, 3 times per week

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