$15 Fitness Fun-days!

If you have ever wanted to try out personal training, or if you are a current client of LFA and you want to add another day to your fitness schedule–$15 fitness fun-days are for you!

Fitness Fun-days are days where you can book a 60-minute session for only $15! The days will be selected by us once a month. Sign up below for email notifications of when they are occurring–Once we have your email address we can give you a 5 day notice so you can get in before the day “books” out. Once you get notified, you can contact us to book (RSVP) anytime between 6:00am-7:00pm with any trainer you want! Bring your $15, check or any major credit or debit card and we will give you the best $15 you have ever had!

The only catch is that you need to be willing to work out in a group–it’s that easy. (although it’s highly likely you will be by yourself)

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