My 4-Day Experience With Commando Krav Maga

Recently I had the opportunity to attend and receive my class 1-2 CKM certification. It was one of the toughest things if not THE toughest thing I have ever done. It was a physical and mental test of will and strength which made me reflective on my strength and what it’s good for. It also made me even more appreciative of my life, wife, family and this business. Why? Because there are guys and girls out there using this training to defend this country, high profile clients, families and themselves everyday–they put their life on it, and that was eye opening for me. My 4 day certification process began with some formalities such as learning what it feels like to pass out, and, just in case you don’t know–not that good. Moving on from there I learned how to get out of standing choke holds, how to strike in your escape and how to do it all efficiently.

Day 2 started out with a warm up and review of the previous day’s work. We quickly moved on into ground work like: ground survival, grappling escapes, and how to guard yourself from deadly blows to the head. What does a blow to the head feel like? BAD! After my new lump was added to my ringing head I got to feel what it’s like to take full punches to the stomach (8) and open hand slaps to the face (8). New perspective was gained–as well as a new headache that lasted the duration of the training. We moved on to gun disarming and defense–this was a good time. Taking a gun is only a portion of what I learned, I also learned about the psychology of a gunmen–how to not make him nervous and how to not give away your intentions to turn the tables. It was eye opening as well as a long day, learning these things without any breaks may actually have been a good idea. My notes were benefitted by the experiences that I witnessed, some stories that were told, and information from the very knowledgeable, but equally punishing instructor.

Day 3 started much like the others, warm up and review, but unlike the other days I’m in a new place both physically and mentally. After having some sense beat into me, or out of me depending on your view, I was now really more cautious of the instructor and the craziness that we were subjected to. All the while he assured me that this was a laid back class–more so than the others. I felt like it could be way more laid back, I mean who needs to suffer through so many beatings? If you guessed that I did, you are right! Because after the review of gun training, learning some break falls, striking and kick defense as well as offense, it was time for the knife…

Knife training seemed simple enough, and for some reason I thought that guns were way worse than knives. I soon learned that that was incorrect. For instance, a knife can cut like a pen can write, endlessly. That means how ever you can think about it a knife can cut you, any combination. I learned to respect the knife after being attacked by my instructor and left with slice marks from what I thought was a plastic/rubber knife, it sure felt like a real one. If you would have seen my neck and stomach you would have thought that I had been attacked by a real knife. I learned a lot to say the least.

Day 4 was crazy stressful, as I had my test and what I was told would be a suicide mission. If that wasn’t enough, I was in a lot of pain from defending myself the day before. My body looked like I just played shirtless paintball. My wrists were swollen and very tender, but that aside I had to get back to the knife review which was really painful on my wrists. After my test and surprise attacks by 3 guys with weapons for 7 minutes I found myself in a workout session that was vomit inducing–thankfully I didn’t–I wish I could say the same about one of the other guys. Then we topped it all off with more slaps to the face (20) and more punches to the stomach (20). After all that I passed the test and am now certified as an instructor of CKM, which is different from traditional Krav Maga in the sense that it’s always being bettered with elements of other fighting systems as well as evolved in the sense that if something doesn’t work it’s changed or taken out all together. It is, in my opinion, the best reality based tactical self defense/military training out there. If you want to know more or would like to get busy training let us know.

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  1. Commando Krav Mags is Awesome. I hear knuckleheads insulting or making rash judgements with out knowing or experiencing the actual training. Commando Krav Mags is Tough, Badass and Real. The knuckleheads creating I’ll fame to this system are greedy financial driven Krav Associations that are in competition w Commando Krav Maga or are whiny baby flunkies under achievers who dare not take the course of instruction, or could not pass it.

  2. I was a former Lv3 instructor of CKM, and a student of many martial arts including traditional Krav. I know Moni has been brought out to be a fake about his IDF stuff, but as my LV4 District instructor said before he resigned. If your full of crap just say so, you may be full of crap but your system works, change the name and stop lying about your past. In the end he is still a 7 time judo/jujitsu champ and that has NEVER been brought into question. I really liked CKM but because of all the bad stigma i to gave up pursuing higher levels.

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