FORWARD is a new running class that will run once a week for 8 weeks that will be offered here at Life Fitness Academy 10/13/11. Ashley will draw from her experience running NCAA track and field to improve form, speed and endurance. Classes will feature drills, strength training and, you guessed it, running! Some days will be short speed work and sprints and other days will focus on longer endurance runs. Running is a great workout and an easy and effective way to lose weight and get in shape. Whether you want to take up 5ks, marathons or just race your friends (or kids) in the yard, this is the class for you! This class will be an effective way to keep your body up and running through the fall, the best time to run. Get moving FORWARD in your life one quick step at a time.

Early registration is open now–get all 8 weeks for $189. As of 10/10/11 the price will go up to $199. Get in and get your run on! Contact us to schedule or with any questions.

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