Detox Workshop

How To Live A Detox Lifestyle

A seminar series from Life Fitness Academy

If you have done reading on detoxing, tried a detox of any kind, or even heard the word detox you MUST come to this workshop. We will take you through the foundations of not just doing a detox, but living the detox lifestyle that will promote weight loss, healing, less depression, renewed energy, and more. Join Terry (owner of LFA), Tim (Head nutrition consultant at LFA), and Chris (ER Nurse and Nurse practitioner for Vanderbilt health) as they guide you through why we need to detox, what the medical community doesn’t tell you about toxins, and what you can do to avoid toxins no matter what level you are.

There’s something for everyone in this workshop! We will have refreshments, worksheets for you to follow along, and answers for your questions. Don’t miss this necessary seminar for taking your health to the next level. [highlight_yellow]The workshop will be at 12:00pm on August 27, 2011 at our Edgehill Village location. The cost is $20 if you RSVP by 8/24.[/highlight_yellow] Contact us to RSVP!

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