Urban Boot Camp

Tired of watching the back of some dudes head while you live on a treadmill, day in and day out at your local gym? Getting bored with your work-out routine that keeps you confined to the four walls of a YMCA? Do you fee like you have reached a glass-ceiling in your training and you’re not sure how to break out of it? Maybe you need something creative, something “out of the box” or better yet…something “out of the gym”! It’s time for some Urban Boot Camp my friends!

Urban Boot Camp is a whole new outlook on what it means to train and workout. Starting August 1st, we will be meeting you at local parks and green spaces to put you through a fun and creative workout that will consist of jungle gyms, log hopping, picnic table climbs, tree sprints and the great outdoors! It’s time for a break from that gym routine and time to experience the benefits of a challenging workout in the sunshine and fresh air! Through Urban Boot Camp, we hope to show you new ways to reach a health and fitness level that you have never been able to reach before. After experiencing Urban Boot Camp for the first time, in order to get the results that you want, you will realize that it’s not what your gym is made of, it’s all about what YOU are made of! It’s time to take it outside!

[highlight_gray]The times will be from Monday through Friday at 7:00am. You can get in for two times a week EFT for $100/month or unlimited classes for $120/month EFT which will allow you to take part in any class we offer! Starts August 1 and runs through November 1. [/highlight_gray][highlight_yellow]Contact us to schedule![/highlight_yellow]

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