Boxing Fusion

We’ve done it again! What have we done? We’ve built another out-of-the-box intensive training class. Why is it out-of-the-box? I’ll tell you why–it’s because this class will incorporate boxing technique, self defense, throw in a little bit of strength training as well as our comprehensive nutrition–it’s the next revolution in boxing fitness! Hence the name: Boxing Fusion. It’s intensive because it is the most physically demanding sport there is. In fact, by most fitness standards, boxing burns the most fat per work out than any other cardio training out there.

Russ and Terry will be guiding you through this stress-relieving, fat-burning class privately to groups of 2 or more at $25 a class, unless of course you’re already a client of LFA. In that case you could get this class for only $20!! The classes are limited in there size and time slots, but if you think you have at least one other person you can create one around your schedule. One thing is for sure, it will work and your new body is right around the corner. Are you ready?

For a limited time you can get 5 classes for our newcomers at $100. Or if you are an LFA’er 5 classes for $90! [highlight_yellow]Ask us how[/highlight_yellow] and get ready to hit something!

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