10 Reasons Push-ups Are the Ultimate Exercise BY JOHN E. PETERSON

Over the years, many people have asked me why I think push-ups are one of the best all-around exercises for fitness and strength. Here are ten solid reasons.

1. In the multi-variations that are possible, push-ups work every major muscle group in the entire body and on both sides of the body–no other exercise can do this!

2. Push-ups are totally free! You already have everything you need within arm’s reach (pun intended) to achieve a world-class body sculpting strength and fitness training program.

3. Push-ups can be done virtually anywhere–all you need is a few square feet and you’re off to the races.

4. Push-ups solve time-constraint issues. Once you’re in the groove, you’ll be able to perform an entire workout in less time than it would take to drive to a gym and change into gym clothes.

5. Push-ups have almost no risk of injury. This is especially true as you integrate a number of variations into your routine that challenge, sculpt, and strengthen your entire musculature from multiple angles.

6. Push-ups are the key to a sound and healthy heart and a powerful pair of lungs. They integrate both cardio endurance and cardio interval training into one series of exercises.

7. Push-ups build lithe, perfectly sculpted muscles from your neck to toes. The result is a sculpted physique that is always proportionate to your body’s natural frame, muscle and bone structure.

8. Push-ups are the key to dynamic lifelong weight management, because as they build muscle, they automatically accelerate your body’s fat-burning engines. One pound of muscle burns 35 calories a day, in contrast to just 2 calories burned by one pound of fat per day. Your muscles thus reset your metabolism, burning fat twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

9. Push-ups are the foundation of a fitness lifestyle that will keep you young, vibrant, energized, and totally strong for life!

10. Push-ups reinforce your personal willpower and self-determination to do and accomplish great things. They are the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy for lifelong strength and fitness.

By: John Peterson

4 Replies to “10 Reasons Push-ups Are the Ultimate Exercise BY JOHN E. PETERSON”

  1. Hey John, I’m 64 years old and do about 500 push-ups hundred chin-ups four days a week And own two of your books thank you for all the information .

  2. Johnny,
    I hove built a inspirational physikue by super combine pushup with wind expulsions(farts)5 day per week.
    On weekend I does chin pullup and walk as I perform situp.
    Your most honorable teaching of body wait exerzies like the transfirmetric pushup program is awesome😉
    Oh….I goats to goes potty💩
    Had Swiss cheese, apple slice and peanut batter sanwhicj with honey.
    Did not agree with my Jewish bowels.

  3. John Peter son,
    Pushups are my love and I admire ur skills and books.
    I build a beautiful body by using your technology thank you!

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