Groupon Deal!!

For all of you taking advantage of our special offer, available only through Groupon, here are the details:

– 1 month of unlimited Boot Camp (4 consecutive weeks, all available sessions, which works out to as much as 3 times per week or 12 sessions)
– Your month of Boot Camp begins when you take your first Boot Camp class (so that will be your first of 12) and continues the next 4 weeks (even if you are unable to attend the following week, so plan a month when you will be able to come consecutively!

To view the Boot Camp calendar click here.

For any questions please contact us either using the contact form or by giving us a call (615-562-2633)!

Happy Grouponing!

*Note – For those interested in continuing with our Boot Camp, normally, prices for boot camp are $12 per session ($144 per month). We offer a discount to all of our regular clients who pay via EFT for the month at a reduced price of $100!

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