The Frothy Monkey

If you know us here at Life Fitness Academy, then you know that we enjoy great places that serve great things. Like what?… you ask!?! Well, like Kombucha, organic fair trade coffee, and great foods! It doesn’t hurt to have great service, a wonderful atmosphere, and community all wrapped up into one nice place.

The Frothy Monkey is such a place. We like Frothy because of their commitment to quality, the attention to detail, and they sell delicious kombucha! It’s a great pick-me-up kind of place, especially for me, between clients at the gym on Music Row, or a central meeting place for clients and friends alike. Frothy has recently made some upgrades to their building, like: more seating in an attached breezeway, as well as a new bar situated on the back wall.

I have to admit that what has drawn me to this place in the beginning was their name. “The Frothy Monkey”, it sounds fun and worth exploring. So I did, and every time I come in for a kombucha I am greeted by a staff that is truly warm, as I am sure a frothy monkey would be. Being in the fitness and nutrition business, I must say that I would love to see some healthier breakfast pastries, like maybe some spelt flour danishes, spelt cookies, spelt cinnamon rolls and local dairy yogurt with soaked almonds and berries. I know what your thinking, “spelt flour?” Yes! It’s easier to digest and unlike all-purpose flour or even whole wheat flour it will allow you to keep your energy up in the morning. Just a suggestion…

I am thankful there is a place where I can unwind or get a quick “pick me up” during my day. Thanks Frothy Monkey, you inspire community!

The Frothy Monkey

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