So, many of you have been asking us how to get over the plateau for weight loss.¬† You have hit a stretch with no weight¬† loss and would like to jump start it again. ¬† We would like to suggest a fast.¬† I know “fasting” is confusing, but hear me out. ¬† We are suggesting a Fuel Fast.¬† With this fast you can enjoy the benefits of fasting without hunger and cravings.¬† You can either fast one or two meals.¬† Fasting is also good to help rid your body of all the toxins, build-up and extra “junk” stored in your bodies.¬†Good¬†things can happen to our health when we eliminate what we typically eat and drink and exchange them for ideal amounts of foundational nutrients. These include nutrient-dense superfoods, complete plant proteins, non-grain low-glycemic carbohydrates, amino acids, essential fatty acids, pre- and probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, therapeutic herbs and other healthy nutrients.¬† ¬†The Fuel Fast is for anyone who wants to transform their health. It promotes detoxification, regeneration, peak performance, weight optimization, and accelerated release from unhealthy cravings.

Another way to help in this process is journalling.  According to a 2008 study of 1,700 dieters, published in the the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, dieters who write down everything they eat in a diet diary or food journal lose twice the amount of weight compared to those who don’t. This also applies to your general health and fitness goals.  For this specific fast, we are suggesting Living Fuel products.

Here are some “fast tips” for proper fasting:

• Replace breakfast or another meal daily with LivingFuel SuperGreens, SuperBerry Original or SuperBerry Ultimate. Once you’re confident that your LivingFuel meal will provide hours of sustained energy levels without hunger or cravings, then you’re ready to replace another meal. Some people prefer to FuelFast two meals a day; others replace all their meals with LivingFuel.

• To extend energy and the time between meals, add fresh vegetables, fruit or juices, organic coconut milk/oil, CocoChia Snack Mix or LivingProtein to your LivingFuel Smoothie.

• Try a great-tasting CocoChia bar within 30 minutes of your LivingFuel smoothie.

• Drink plenty of water, herbal teas and SuperCoffee. Avoid eating or using caffeine between meals or within three hours of bedtime.

Living Fuel:

If you are interested, you can contact us for product information and purchasing.  (

Click here to watch a video about the LivingFuel Fast.

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