Bikini Boot Camp

It’s that time of year again… spring time! This is your last chance to look your best for the summer. We want to help you with you goals, whether they be¬†toning, sculpting or weight loss we can help you on nearly every level.

The Bikini Boot Camp class will run for 6 weeks and starts on Monday April 5 at 3:30 p.m. The sessions will be close to an hour, but more likely 45 minutes. Classes run through the week Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (8 a.m.) You are not required to come to every class but to get maximum benefit it is strongly advised. Kyla Krengel will assist Terry Barga in instructing these classes. Carissa Barga will be teaching the cooking class.

Lose weight and feel great this summer by getting in the best shape of your life and learning how to keep it off! Come learn comprehensive nutrition and how to eat out and still lose weight! This is an investment in your future as well as your health.

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The Details:
-starts on April 3, 2010
-6 weeks / 5 days a week (if you can make it)
-Mon.-Thurs. at 3:30pm and Saturday at 8am
-childcare options are available!
-$250 per person (that includes all six weeks at 5 days a week)
-Must pay by March 22, 2010

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