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FRESH STEVIA LEAVESThis form of stevia is the herb in its most natural, unrefined state. A leaf picked from a stevia plant and chewed will impart an extremely sweet taste sensation reminiscent of licorice that lasts for quite a while. […]


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The Old Clich√© Is Still True: Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day The looming health threat of global obesity, or ‚Äúglobesity,‚Äù is a chief reason why I embarked on the Perfect Weight America tour. If we don‚Äôt […]

Extraordinary Health

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Is a right of passage and knowing its out there should make all of you want to seek it or at least defend its right to be a topic of discussion.There are many of people out there that have experienced […]


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Why is a cardio workout a must? Well because when you are trying to lose weight one of the best ways is through cardio. What your body needs is to have your heart rate up higher than your calorie intake […]

Are you ready?

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In the fitness business you encounter two types of people, and they both are very different. The first type of person feels like they need to change or get into shape either because some one has told them to or […]

Breast Cancer

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Want to Avoid Breast Cancer? Try SunbathingUsing newly available data on worldwide cancer incidence, researchers have shown a clear association between breast cancer and a deficiency in exposure to sunlight. About 1,150,000 cases and 410,000 deaths from breast cancer occur […]


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I love lentils! They are great and a high source of protein some where near the 17 grams per serving range. They are very tasty if done right , we used a great recipe from whole foods. Which carries a […]

Moo-ve over, Big Dairy!

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I’m almost ready to declare victory in the government’s absurd war against raw milk. In spite of the efforts of Big Dairy, as well as wrong-headed public health officials from the Federal, and State governments – demand for raw milk […]

Truths About Obesity

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The Seven Truths About Obesity by obesity specialist Gus Prosch Jr., M.D. 1. If you‚Äôre obese, you have a lifetime disease. 2. Your metabolic processes will always tend to be abnormal. 3. You cannot eat what others eat and stay […]

Fast Food Counter Actions

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If you absolutely have to eat fast food and I don’t know why that would ever be, but if you have to here are some counter measures. First you can take some digestive enzymes but the need to be from […]

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